Looking smart in bronze…

Flirt, the berserker armorer looking smart in her new bronze gear

So yesterday was the day for crafting (and for me slacking on my posts, go figure). Tulips hit level 20 carpenter, Flirt hit level 20 armorer and then early this morning before the servers came down Misako hit 34 tailor. I’ve also been working on Stargrace’ tinkering, she’s into T4 now which makes me quite happy. It’s not nearly as painful now that they’ve halved the ingredients that you require. Still have to farm for loam and hard metals, but it’s bearable. Above, the one tank I have on both accounts, my berserker. Who’s level 5 and will more then likely stay there for a good long time. I really don’t enjoy playing tanks at all. Most people who know me know that. They’ll ooohh and aaahhh over the 7 other alts I have, and realize that something’s wrong with this one.

A friend of mine from EQLive may be coming to try out EQII, which is always a great thing to hear. Hopefully they want to stay and the population of Lucan D’Lere will have at least gone up by one. I miss having someone to play with fairly constantly. People move on, or friendships change, or real life happens and all that good stuff. Interrupting my gaming! Go figure.

Did poets yesterday with Kaeros, a ranger from guild. He ended up dying, not his day. I played it first with my fury and then accidentally left the zone. Not my day either apparently. Played a shadowknight for the remainder. The typical trash dropped, those glimmering bracelets that are more transmute fodder then anything else, some no trade fabled. Though Kaeros did win himself a level 57 master to sell. The market has been absolutely slow as snails lately. I have about 10p left on both Silverstep and Stargrace, and some change on the alts but nothing more then that. Things are just simply not selling.

On a side note, it’s raining out side and I absolutely love it. In fact it’s supposed to rain all week for the next 7 days. More ramblings another time!

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