100 aa, and gnomeland security

Goz Hepplewhite, self proclaimed genius, in one of the most amusing quests I’ve seen

For a change of pace I decided I’d quest in Steamfont. I’ve never actually spent much time there, and Stargrace was 20% into her final aa. Unfortunately there was a family emergency that came up and I had to head to my parents place for a bit, hence the lack of posts lately. Anyhow. Steamfont is just fantastic for quests. They range from 35+ and even a legendary one for level 55 (which was pretty easy, granted I was level 70…) I mentored down for each turn in to claim the aa from them. So. Goz Hepplewhite is performing experiments on a new type of stealth suit. He needs you to do a few things for him and collect some stuff in order to finish his experiment. The best part though comes at the end, when he decides to show off his new suit.

So he runs out of his hut all proud, to this small group of women who are gathered around. Of course they’re all very excited and simply can not wait to see this new stealth suit! He turns it on, as proud as any new parent can be… and all of his clothes, disappear. The ladies who are gathered around break out into giggles and point, while he, embarrassed beyond belief, takes off for his hut to hide in shame. As a reward you get some coin, a choice of gear, and you also get the stealth suit, though when I put it on it just sticks me in a green dress, so who knows what the effect is supposed to be. It was a great quest none the less.

So after completing that quest, the legendary one, the serillian language quest, as well as kobold L&L as well as starting on clockwork L&L, I finally reached 100 aa with Stargrace, the 70 illusionist. Making her my first 70/70/100 character. It sort of made me sad, after all, what do I do next in game with her? Do I continue to quest for coin and item rewards but gain no aa? Do I try to dig up quests that reward with house items perhaps? Do I move on to the next level 70 character I have (the fury) and begin doing the grind to 100 aa on her? (she’s sitting at 85 currently). There are always quests I could still complete, her hoo hat for example, DT access, Claymore… Sword of Destiny… important quests that the fury has completed that I’ve yet to really start on the illusionist. I find it amusing that she hit 100 first, before my other ‘main’ who has slacked so far behind lately. I meant to post her final “total” as I mouse over the aa screen, but I think I’ll wait until I get another character to 100 and then I can compare them. Hopefully things will settle down slightly, and I’ll get back to posting on a regular schedule. Easter is Sunday though, and that means more family events (as well as a wonderful dinner and meeting my brothers girlfriend for the first time!). Happy Holidays to those out there reading.

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  1. Gothun says:

    Congratulations, you have just completed Everquest 2…..for the most part. =O

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