Leveling is just an excuse for farming..

Misako, the little defiler I have in the works, has been fairly busy

So after taking a look at my level 33 mystic last week, I decided it was time to get a fourth character to 70, I’d been dawdling quite enough. I’ve always started mystics and then just never gotten them anywhere. I just didn’t want a mystic though. So I spent a day betraying her to a defiler. Then I tried to level her over the course of the past week. Needless to say, it’s worked. I boxed her along with a 70 shadowknight, and she’s now almost level 41, quickly eating up the levels and soon to be my “newest” level 70 (I hope, I’ve still got a way to go yet). I did Ruins of Varsoon daily, the instance within the zone (Chamber of Immortality) is a guaranteed two masters each run, as well as the various named in the zone who probably have a 90% chance at a master chest or legendary at least. I spent a few days transmuting everything I looted and making level 30 adornments. The rest I’ve decided to put for sale, after all, my little defiler is going to need some gear eventually and some spell upgrades. Leveling is pretty much an excuse for farming. Once I’d exhausted RoV I moved on to Runneyeye which is also filled with various named who drop pretties, as well as two instances with named for aa / loot. The defiler hit almost 25 aa from grinding alone, she’s barely done any quests at all (which I will rectify in later levels).

The aa she got was just enough to get soul ward. Which is by far the greatest spell I have ever seen. It lets you ward a target for 90% of your health. At level 40, that’s about 3k. A 3k ward every 5 minutes is fairly nice at those levels. I’m working on getting some pet buffs (aoe immunity) for the next round of points. She will hopefully hit level 41 today, and if possible, 42. Then I can head to CT and soon after that, the DoF zones. She hasn’t even wandered into zek at all, DFC is not too far away. She’ll need the discovery from those zones as well. I’ve already been planning ahead and would like to get claymore done on her, which will be a pain but it’s fairly essential to a healer. She has yet to step foot in lavastorm, or sol eye, and she’ll need to get to speak as a dragon one of these days. Ah the joys of a new little character.

Out of all three of my healers (I have a 70 templar and a 70 fury for those who’ve forgotten) I am (thus far) enjoying the defiler far more then either of those two. Perhaps it’s just because she’s new.

I’ve also been working my other alts. My carpenter is 20, my armorer is 20, and I’ve been hoarding supplies for them. My transmuter is 310, almost maxed out finally. My tinkerer is taking a bit more time, but coming along slowly.

I also decided to no longer raid with Marauders. For a few reasons. After a month of 100% raid attendance, there was no progress being made with me ever being allowed to join the guild. I talked them through a few raids (Namely freethinkers hideout as well as Chel’Drak which we got down to 49% on the first attempt in the zone with the main tank missing) and it was very apparent that no matter how I helped, I was not going to be able to make that guild my home. I found it unfair, to be allowed to raid but not allowed to join the guild, and I voiced my opinion on such, and said that I’d no longer be raiding with them. I took silent satisfaction that the next time they attempted Chel’Drak (with a better raid force that I went in there with, including the guilds main tank) they only managed to get him to 80%. While I kept that satisfaction to myself (no need to rub things in) it made me feel at least that it was their loss for not giving me a chance to join. So the search for a new home continues, though I am also looking on other servers since the free transfers are weeks away (or so I’ve been told) we’ll have to see how it goes!

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