DFC, and another level (or two)

Misako standing in the bank in Big Bend, wishing for something more

Made my way through DFC last night, and it’s by far one of my new favorite zones. At least for the first time through with a character. Not only is there a huge amount of discovery and named (my defiler went from 23aa to 29aa in the zone alone, as well as gaining a level) but there are also fairly nice drops to be won. I wish every tier had an instance that was along those lines. Though I suppose most do. I started her off in Ruins of Varsoon, moved to Runneyeye as well as Nektulos Castle (the named there do not give aa however.. a small disappointment), then moved to DFC, managed to get some discovery in Zek (hasn’t finished it off though) and then this morning made her way to Cazic Thul for some more discovery, hitting 31aa and level 43. I figure if I can try to average a level a day, or a level every two days, that’ll set me where I want to be as far as progress wise. I don’t like to play her all day though, I get bored. So it’s fairly limited to about 3-4 hours a day and seeing how far along I get. CT was slightly tough, especially with no power regen in the group. I can box the shadowknight and her fairly well, at level 42 managed to take down some level 46 named with ease. It would just be a lot easier if there were power regen in the group too. So my next project? Since the defiler is on my original account, and the illusionist is on the same account, I’m going to (eventually) level up the troubador on the 2nd account (which also currently hosts all of my healers + my conjuror). A little more difficult to level up a bard then it is a healer, but we’ll see how it goes. I always enjoyed little projects and who knows perhaps it’ll be my 5th level 70 character.

I haven’t been able to keep up with her gear too well, since once I get an upgrade it seems like she’s out growing it, I’m reluctant to spend much money on new items. I have purchased some T7 masters at bargain prices though, 2p or less for a few heals and dots. I also bought the defiler/mystic legendary set shoulders for 50g, couldn’t let that pass me by. She’ll need that stuff eventually even if it’s not for another month or two. I’m still enjoying the class a great deal, they get some amazing debuffs and lots of pure hp buffs for the group. They also get some very nice aa. I’m slowly working those up and aiming towards the pet aoe immunity since I think at least then poor scruffy will live a lot longer. He’s pretty much dead every single fight I think he’s got about three hit points.

My birthday is Saturday, though I’m not sure if anything’s planned for the day I’ll probably find myself leveling away in EQII. It’s been nice to also see some new faces, Cordanim has wandered back to the game and has a little fae warlock, and an old friend from EQI has also decided to start playing again. I always did like seeing new faces in game. The lower levels are also (typically) at least a bit more populated here on LDL, though CT was completely empty when I headed there early this morning, as well as RoV and RE, there is typically more people around by late afternoon. I do enjoy the quiet, it’s no fun having to battle other groups for encounters in a zone. I have not taken Misako to any EoF zones yet, so I’m thinking once I run her through the old world zones for discovery, I’ll have to pop into Steamfont and perhaps begin a quest or two. We’ll see how it goes.

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