A little trip through Lavastorm

Misako making her way (invisible of course) through Lavastorm

One of the things I hate most, while leveling any character up, is the eventual need to obtain the port that brings you to the doors of sol eye without having to run through the entire zone. When I first did it way back when, on my templar, it was an amazing feat, to say that you had portal access (back when the level cap was 50, and Lavastorm was end game, so nothing turned grey on you). With the defiler sitting at level 44, I figured it was time for her to get access as well, should the need ever arise for her to travel down that way, or incase I wanted to smuggle her to the Maiden’s Gluch and pick up to speak as a dragon (which I will also need.. one day..). So I boxed her along with a shadowknight, and made the very slow treck through. She did get a lot of discovery and a fairly good size of experience, and after one death (from a named, and not from falling in lava, which is how I typically die there) she made it to the portal. One more thing crossed off the list finally.

In an adventure through DFC a few days ago she obtained the rare mossy armor patterns, as well as the commons, and three pieces of blood iron ore, key ingredients. The recipes are level 40 (though the gear itself is only level 37) so I’ve been trying to get her tradeskill a little higher. She’s currently sitting at level 37 tailor. This morning I quickly made a few random mastercrafted cloaks, and then attached the safe fall adornment to each of them. I also made a + spell dmg adornment for level 30 and attached it to some mage gloves. I’ve priced the items slightly above what the regular gear would go for, simply due to the adornments. I’m not even sure if people will mouse over the gear before buying it and notice the adornments though, so I’ll have to see if it sells at all. It would be nice if there was a special little flag as you shopped that told you if an item may already have an adornment without having to look at the physical stats of the gear. That’s probably just wishful thinking on my part though. I’ve put a few of the safe fall cloak adornments up for sale at 20g each and they’re typically fast sellers. Since it’s just level 30 stuff it doesn’t take me that much to make them and I was getting tailoring experience for pristine combines.

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  1. wilhelm2451 says:

    I have been tinkering around with a piece of my own on how I have spent almost zero time in Lavastorm and now you and Gaff are venturing in. Maybe I had best tag along with somebody and see what I have been missing!

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