Tinkering fun, and a tally thus far

A handy toy that everyone needs

I love some of the little toys you can make with tinkering. Besides the resurrection machine, and the one that feigns death, there is lots of little pets and do-dads you can make. This little Clockwork Manservant is just one of them. I haven’t actually used the item yet, but I’m expecting him to feed me grapes and fan me or some such.

So as an update to where my characters stand – I have the following as of this morning:

Account #1:

Stargrace – 70 Illusionist – 70 Provisioner – Tinkerer, Yamini – 48 Assassin – 50 Alchemist, Misako – 44 Defiler – 39 Tailor, and Flirt – 6 Berserker – 24 Armorer.

Account #2:

Silverstep – 70 Fury – 60 Woodworker – Transmuter, Dasie – 70 Templar – 70 Jeweler, Faydai – 53 Conjuror – 60 Sage, Tulips – 6 Troubador – 20 Carpenter, Rhiksha – 6 Swashbuckler (soon to be weaponsmith).

I have enough room for a few more characters if I want. I wouldn’t even know what to make though. I was contemplating a warlock or a wizard, both of which I’ve never really played, but looking at the two accounts, I have pleanty of characters already. If they’re not a high level adventurer then they’re a higher level tradeskiller in most cases (like Flirt and Tulips). The three 70’s are fairly well geared, though both Silverstep and Dasie are lacking in the aa department, Stargrace being the only one of my three who has them max’d out right now.

So what’s my plan of action? Slowly leveling the defiler to 70, trying to get the tradeskillers up to T7 or some where close to there, and maybe trying to get the rest of my “lowbie” characters a little closer to 70 as well. It would be fun to have two accounts of characters all sitting at level 70. Granted when the new expansion comes out I’d have to do the level grind with each of them and that is really not going to be fun I can already tell. In the mean time, it keeps me busy!

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