A Little Advertising, and have I mentioned I love Steamfont?

The ability to title your bags – always a lot of fun

Quite a bit of time ago, people were given the ability to place a title on their bags, boxes as well. I love this little handy thing, if only for the fact that when I put backpacks for sale (or boxes made by my carpenter) I can include a little bit of advertising on the label – such as the one pictured above. Does it actually work? Who knows, I’ve never asked, but it’s fun none the less to be able to leave a little bit of myself (so to speak) on each piece I make. Besides my character name at least.

After 5 days of being sick, (what a great birthday weekend…. wait.. no, no it wasn’t) I am finally over it (I hope..) and my Dad’s back from the hospital (who knew kidney stones could be so complicated) and I can get back to regular postings. After having such a good run for a few months I was disappointed that I couldn’t keep up but it was just too much real life stuff to handle.

Silverstep – diligently working away on her Steamfont quest line

I did an Unrest run yesterday, boxing my templar (who ended up being the only healer once the 61 warden had to leave) and my illusionist, nothing of any use to anyone dropped except for a belt with +10 flowing thought on it, which went to the templar. It was a rough run some times, we only ever wiped from adds, so it could have been more painful. Better then the time before when my group decided to leave early after clearing only a few of the named. I spent the remainder of the evening working on the Steamfont chain of quests – I had no idea this was a chain of 20 quests! What fun! One important word of warning though. As you progress this chain of quests, about the 5th quest in I believe, you receive not one but TWO house items. A day log, and a journal.

However. If these items are on you when you go to complete the next portion of the quest, they’re removed from your inventory! So if you’re a sucker for house items (like myself) once you’ve picked up these two items, go place them in your home and return to the quest afterwards, or else you’ll have them removed from your inventory on completion. There is a quest like that in Lesser Faydark as well, where you collect a Thexian log, and it’s a house item. Upon turning the quest in however, you lose the house item from your inventory. So now I’ll have to do these quests on an alt, just so that I can obtain the house items. I wish I had of known that before hand!

The quests in Steamfont in general, are just a lot of fun. If you have a lower level character you can mentor, or if you’re a quest junkie be sure to check this zone out. I’ve been parking my 44 defiler in the zone to mentor for a few named as well as my quest turn ins. Figured it was probably about time my fury reached 100 aa. I’ll have to work on the templar next, which is just going to be annoying since, well, we all know what a lack of DPS the templar has in general. I’ll probably attempt to box her with my illusionist for some added DPS, we’ll see how that goes.

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