So you say you like to quest..

I’m one of those people who just love stats and charts and organizing all of my characters. I figured I’d check out how often / much I quest on each one. I always wanted to be one of those hard core questers who have done everything the game has to offer, but with 8+ characters, that gets.. difficult. So how have I spent my time? The first bit is my three level 70’s.

  • Stargrace: 595 Quests completed – 205 Rares harvested – 62 days played – 100 ap
  • Silverstep: 753 Quests completed – 385 Rares harvested – 93 days played – 88 ap
  • Dasie: 659 Quests completed – 314 Rares harvested – 70 days played – 53 ap

Since it’s not really fair to jumble in all of the alts along with my level 70’s (who have far more levels / experience and what not) I’ll post them below.

  • Yamini: 147 Quests completed – 12 Rares harvested – 10 days played – 21 ap – 48 Assassin
  • Misako: 77 Quests completed – 0 Rares harvested – 5 days played – 35 ap – 44 Defiler
  • Flirt: 19 Quests completed – 0 Rares harvested – 7 hours played – 0 ap – 6 Berserker (24 armorer)
  • Faydai: 256 Quests completed – 29 Rares harvested – 10 days played – 31 ap – 53 Conjuror
  • Tulips: 19 Quests completed – 0 Rares harvested – 9 hours played – 0 ap – 6 Troubador (20 Carpenter)

Of course these lists don’t include the (numerous) characters I’ve deleted over my 2+ years playing EQII, but it’s a nice representation at least.

  • Total Quests completed: 2,525
  • Total Rares harvested: 945
  • Total Hours played (NOT including crating hours!): 251.6 Days – Remember this also includes all afk time, and online broker time when I used to leave my characters up to sell through the night, not continuous play time.

3 Responses to So you say you like to quest..

  1. Gothun says:

    It’s amazing how much time you can log on a game, and not even realize it. According to my Xfire, I have 1989 hours on EQ2 alone, give a take a few some odd hours. What that calculates out to in day form, I have no clue.

  2. stargrace says:

    Ohh looking forward to that, be sure to give links!

  3. Cordanim says:

    Wow, always fun to see the days accumulated :)

    Good work on all your characters :)

    Oh, and watch for a new “Cord” blog to surface in the next couple of days…little different than I have done previously :)

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