Say what you want about customer service…

Ricotta Is’Gouda, back in the game again

Say what you want about SoE’s customer service, but I have had plenty of experience with them, and it’s been nothing short of fantastic. A few months ago, I couldn’t even remember the exact date any longer, I deleted my 43 ratonga dirge, Ricotta. Why did I delete her? The same reason anyone deletes a character on EQII, it’s typically because we’re limited to 6 characters (unless you purchase station access) and that’s just not enough. Being a very avid alt-o-holic, I had to let someone go, and it was her. She was also a 30 jeweler, I already have a 70 jeweler though, I had started her on another server and moved her to Lucan D’Lere shortly after.

Anyhow. I decided since I have two accounts now, that I’d try to petition and see about getting her un-deleted. I’ve done this in the past. Many times in fact. Once I was told that an exception could not be made, but I re-petitioned and they granted me the character restore anyhow. They’re always prompt with the service, within the day I’d say my character was restored. Today was no different, I petitioned early morning, explained the situation, that I had deleted due to lack of character slots, bought a second account, moved some characters to that account and now had free space on the original account, so I was curious if there was any way to restore Ricotta. A few hours went by, logged in, and there she is, just as I left her. Bank, quests, everything.

I’ve petitioned before, for missing chests, on raids as well as on a nizara run. They were helpful and prompt, I was impressed. I’ve heard people complain (often) about their customer service. But I just can’t see it from their perspective I guess since my experiences with them have been so very good. I’ve had at least.. five characters restored to me, probably more. From as far back as 6+ months of deletion. Of course I was never rude to anyone and I make sure to choose my battles, but still, it was impressive to me.

That leaves me with a 70 Fury, Illusionist, Templar, 53 Conjuror, 48 Assassin, 45 Defiler, 43 Dirge, and a handful of smaller alts who mostly craft. Not too bad. I’d like to get the defiler and dirge up to 70 at least, the conjuror and assassin on the back burner. Of course since I’m so fickle and change my opinion so frequently who really knows.

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  1. Cordanim says:

    I can’t believe you got Ricotta back :p
    I haven’t had anything so extreme done, but have had generally good experiences with SOE service as well.
    Maybe sometime I’ll log in the Najena toons and see the little rat online :)

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