Ding… again!

Misako in Big Bend, after a few new levels

I’ve been trying to level a few of my lower level characters, without over doing it. Still also getting over a nasty flu bug that I just can’t seem to shake for some reason. Drinking lots of tea on the recommendation of a friend. So yesterday my dirge managed to hit level 46, making her way through Obelisk, which for once was not crammed full of bots. Go figure. I typically play early morning, I find that in the afternoons, or any time after lunch actually the zones start to fill up and things get a little crowded. I like to play quietly when I’m boxing, without having fight with other people for encounters. So the dirge got her levels and I was happy of course. I’m not sure if I’ll leave her as a dirge or follow through to troubador but we’ll just see how it goes.

The defiler was sitting on a day or two of rested experience. Still not quite enough for a full level, but oh well. I decided to box her along with the 70 shadowknight around Obelisk, it was morning and I was fairly sure not too many people would be around. I was right. I didn’t have much luck with drops, the defiler seems to have bad luck or something (I had found a level 46 necromancer pet that I sold for 10p, even though it gets an upgrade at 60.. and another necromancer temporary pet that sold for 5p…) however, something even better then any loot I could find, was book quests.

There are numerous mob-dropped only book quests in Obelisk. I’ve completed a few on Silverstep, however lost those books when she lost her house. The books are tradeable, and of course the quests give aa plus the nifty house item. Yesterday one dropped that I’d already had drop a few times. Today, four dropped, three of which I’d never seen before. I was happy to say the least. I’m adding a lore / book section to my site, and so doing these quests and posting them as well as posting the lore from the book itself is going to be a big deal to me. I’ve always loved house items (obsessed? Yes!) and these are no different. I really wish the starters would drop from the body drops instead of chest drops. There are so many quests I’ve missed out on due to this “feature”.

The guild has been in a fluster as well. Free server transfers are presumed to commence on the 30th of April. We’ve had fun looking for a new raid home, and have found one (we think) on Kithicor. Where are my fellow bloggers from again server wise? Always looking to say hi to one or two (or three or four!) I know my posts aren’t always that informative, but I do try. Along with these server transfers, is the newest Live Update, happening on the 25th of April. They’re adding some very handy new things, such as quest sharing.. which has been a long time coming. A new mount (not so excited about that one) and a fix to the fabled loot that drops in raids that no one can use (I can’t count the number of times I’ve cried seeing some fabled set gear get transmuted because there was no one on the raid to wear it). SoE seems to be listening to the players as of late, and it’s been great. I know we’re all itching for new content, and it’s been far too long since we’ve all seen the level increase, but at least the other little things are being fixed and worked on, there’s some hope yet.

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