I swear it was like that when I got here..

Stargrace took a visit to Silverstep’s house.. and found her plant.. dead..?

I suppose in the world of Norrath it doesn’t differ much from real life – I can’t seem to keep houes plants alive. I’m not convinced this one is quite dead yet though. I zoned in and noticed it laying like this on the floor. Right clicking the poor thing brought up no options at all (since I am not owner of the home) and I just hoped Silverstep didnt’ stop by and notice what had happened to her beloved plant. Though I hear she keeps it pretty well fed with water and compost so who knows.

Wiggled my way into an Unrest group today, it went alright. I’m not sure if I’m picky about my tanks or what, but I can’t seem to find many that I’d trust on an instance run like that. This group was no different. I’m fairly well geared as my illusionist, and I am DPS spec’d currently. I can really pump it out. I ganked (and died) more then anyone else in the group, which encompassed a Zerker, Swashy, Necro, myself, a Warden, and an assassin. We only wiped once. Or maybe it was twice.. yeah it was twice. By the time we were done the zone I was down to 50% gear. AoE’s = bad. not the blue ones and deaths due to adds, no, just my regular aoe spells seemed to be too much fire power vs. the group encounters. I typically use them for their stunning capabilities, means the tank is taking a few less hits if I’ve got them stunned.

It was a fun run none the less, though it’s a shame that the illusionist / coercer robe dropped – since I’ve had mine for quite some time now, and no one else could use it. It went to someone for vendor trash. The paladin / shadowknight hat dropped, and someone moved their alt into the zone to claim it (an issue that should be fixed as of the next live update, since the content of your group should determine the sort of loot that drops. That’s going to be interesting).

Tonight I’m feeling slightly nostalgic and left behind, as a majority of my friends are off raiding while I.. tinker. Not that I mind crafting, but since the last raid guild I was with decided to not let me join (and I decided to no longer raid with them, after all what use is it to be good enough to raid but not good enough to join the guild) I’ve not raided hardly at all and I’m missing it, a lot. Hopefully things change though when the remainder of my guild mates (and myself included) move to Kithicor and join a new home there. We’re all excited about it and hope it goes well.

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