Woopsie… I must have taken a wrong turn

While wandering through Maj’Dul for discovery experience, Misako ran smack into this gorgeous creature, Siyamak – level 65×4

I had no idea what I felt like doing last night, but knew plenty of things that I didn’t feel like doing. A lot of my friends online were doing their weekend raid thing (sighs, still going through my raid withdrawl!) and I found myself with a few hours to fill and nothing to fill it with. Eyeballing my defiler, who was 4% into her level with very little vitality left, I decided I would try to run around the DoF zones and see if I could not get enough discovery from places to ding. I didn’t actually think I’d manage a full level worth of discovery to hit level 50, but I was wrong.

I grabbed some invis totems (curtsey of my woodworker) and headed to sinking sands. She’d never even step foot into any of the DoF content before, having spent the past week grinding her contently in Obelisk of Lost Souls (which she still has some book quests for to complete some time). Thankfully, almost nothing saw through her invis. It was a bit of a slow run, since you get no movement enchantments as you’re running around stealthed, but it was a lot of fun none the less. Doing that one zone netted her to 37% through her level and I’d yet to touch a mob. I headed to clefs of rujark, a favorite zone of mine for the lower 50’s (until it was swarmed by bots, go figure) and netted a little more. Headed to living tombs, and noticed I was approaching 70% experience. I’d also gotten myself two ap’s from all of the discovery, sitting myself at 41 which I just find amusing. My first character in the game (Dasie, my templar) only has 55 ap, and she’s done so much more then Misako who’s barely even lifted a finger to quest in her short life. After Living Tombs I headed to Maj’Dul and then to finish off the level in Pillars of Flame, part way through my discovery adventure hit 50.

Now the real fun starts. I absolutely hate the grind from 50-59. It seems to take forever, the slowest of all the tiers and I’m not even really sure why. Does anyone else seem to have this issue?

As I was making my way through Maj’Dul, I came across the pretty in the screen shot above, Siyamak. They’re used in the quest “Capturing Night and Day” (that one being the silver dragon of course) and are spawned in the area with the beggars by using a silver dragon scale that you can get as a very rare drop from the Keeper in Poets Palace. There’s also a gold version of this beauty (also used in the quest) they’re epicx4’s and level 65. It’s so rare to see anyone doing the chain of quests these days though. No one happened to be around when I walked right into this beat, so I assume someone spawned them and then either decided they couldn’t handle it alone, or a raid may have come in and wiped or something. Either way, it was a very pretty screen shot to take, and I’m glad my defiler hit level 50. I figure I’ll get her two more levels, sitting her at 52, and then upgrade her gear. Since I’ve been playing her with a level 70 mentored… she has level 20 gear. Thankfully I don’t typically group up with her, she’s just used for heals and debuffs. I’d be embarrassed trying to keep a group up with the gear she has on currently.

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