The mines of Meldrath

Misako and Silverstep battling their way through the mines

The defiler hit level 52, and 42 aa points. At this rate she’s going to pass my 70 templar in points very soon (templar is sitting at 55 I think). If I haven’t mentioned it yet (and I have, a few times) I really really dislike the level grind from 50-59. I’m not sure why, it just seems to take forever. They are the levels that I’ll end up using my experience potions for and try to get some collection quests done for experience. Discovery as well I try to hit as much as possible in the 50’s just because I absolutely hate it. I wish I knew why it felt slower. I’m sure it’s not in truth. I spent the morning with a friend in Clefs of Rujark which will probably be my home for a little bit to come. The defiler is still wearing level 20 gear. Something I wanted to fix at level 52. I have noticed that gear is very expensive though so I’m contemplating waiting until she can quest for some gear, or get some from drops. I’m not sure. I have 6 cobalt sitting in my bank, and I could have armor made from it but then there’s the fee for person making it and then actually having to FIND someone who can make it which is typically a bigger challenge.

I also wanted to start the peacock line of quests. Without gear, there’s no point. Then I also have to make the rare spells and jewelery that the defiler would need, and I’ve been eyeballing some new adornments as well. All in all working up another level 70 is an expensive prospect. At least on Lucan, not sure if every server is the same thing.

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  1. wilhelm2451 says:

    Crodanim, you noticed the right thing. vitality burns at a different ratio for each tier. At low levels you can go through a lot of levels before you burn up your vitality. At T6, as I recall, it starts to go at a 1:1 ratio with your experience, which means one level will burn up 100% of your vitaliaty. At T7 I understand the ratio gets worse.

  2. Cordanim says:

    I still believe that SOE for some reason has vitality burn faster in the 50’s because I definitely remember 50-60 sucking bad for experience, and then dreading the 60-70 trek, and lo and behold 60-70 seemed to take no time in comparison to T6.
    Maybe I’m imagining things too though…

  3. wilhelm2451 says:

    Gaff and I were in the mines Saturday afternoon! Some fun! He is waiting for me to write up that adventure I think….

    I am into the 50-59 grind (hit 53 in the mines) and have noticed something of a gap in the quests I finished up for T5 and the start of quests that are decent for T6. But I might just be looking in the wrong places.

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