No warning, but ah the possibilities

A break down of my defiler’s ap’s thus far

Things are going to be shaking up in EQII very soon (from the 25th and onwards) and I have to say I am very excited about the changes. Not only is there a new update going in with some very good changes that I am looking forward to, but as of the 30th, the PvP servers are merging (which may be an indication of lower populations, but lets just leave that topic for now) and also free PvE server transfers, and not only free server transfers but free account transfers. This means, well first of all, that I just spent money moving my characters to the new account when I could have held off had I known about this, but anyhow. It means that I can move around some more characters between accounts if I want. Why would I want to do this? Well, I wanted an order to my two accounts. I had two set ups so to speak. Either have all my healers on one account and all my dps / utility on another (Tank? What’s that again?) or the method that I was aiming for (which I’m unsure of) is to have at least one of each arch type on the accounts. So that would mean a healer / dps / utility on one account, and the same on the other.

The way my accounts are set up now is Account #1: Templar, Fury, Conjuror, Swashbuckler, Coercer. Account #2: Illusionist, Dirge, Defiler, Assassin, Berserker.

I’d like to move my Defiler over with the templar and fury. Mainly because I really like playing my illusionist, and the dps classes on the first account are not very high level. Where as the templar fury and illusionist are 70, the conjuror, dirge, defiler, and assassin are 50’s. I wanted to move the templar back over to the second account, so that there was a healer there, move the dirge to the first account so there was power regen there that I could play with the templar if I wanted. . . . Or is that all just confusing and makes no sense? Argh decisions decisions.

So I was having a set of cobalt armor made for my defiler today, being annoyed at the level 20 gear she’s been sporting for quite some time now. There were no messages about servers coming down — though later I did find this small post saying the servers would be coming down for two hours it sure would have been nice to have had some in game warnings. I just hope my cobalt pieces are all alright and my crafter wasn’t mid-combine. Hopefully I’ll see the results of that later today. I also went out and bought a handful of pearls so that I could make some mastercrafted jewelry for her. The level 20 stuff really was putting a damper on things. I splurged and bought a cobalt spear as well, they’re dang expensive at 1p50g. I dropped about 15p total for various things from 7 pieces of cobalt + crafters tip (they were a friend of mine, so I actually paid them 2p to make the armor for me) also bought 8 rough pearls (which are going for 70g-1p each on Lucan) and also bought that spear. Thankfully the buckler I can make myself with my woodworker, so that saved me a little bit at least. I’m going to work on making some adornments next, get some stamina so that my soul ward goes off for more, and some + to heals which is always fun.

I’m still looking for new places to level, the clefs are nice but I’m going to get bored there fast. I’m thinking I should work the Godking chain of quests for something to do, but I’m dreading it, and my chances of ever finding a Godking raid are probably slim to none. I know at the later 50’s I can start working on Cyclops, but until then every percent seems to drag.

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  1. Kilanna says:

    I wondered what the heck happened too and then also found the little note that the servers were down for 2 hours.

    *sigh* and at 9pm my time that is PRIME PLAY TIME.

    I also noticed the message re: move between servers AND accounts. I immediately thought of both yourself and Gaff because you both dual box, and the fact that it might open up some possibilities:)

    Any idea what is mean by “structural items” in the next live update?

    Hopefully servers will be back up in the next few minutes:) Happy hunting!

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