Game Update 34

*** Highlights ***

A new mount is now available. Tame your own fearsome Warg! Talk to Heinrich in the Loping plains to get more details. You can now share many of the quests in your quest journal with others. Even if you’ve completed them already!

*** Gameplay ***

EoF Fabled and Legendary class armor distribution will now consider the makeup of those who participate in the encounter.

Players who were originally citizens of Kelethin but then switched citizenship should now be allowed to return.

Tired of that ugly mummy or chubby ogre following you everywhere? Then try /pet hide.

Some NPCs that both offer and update quests for a player should now have the book icon above their head instead of the feather.

Further enhancements have been made for server performance.

*** Items ***

Orclord Ringmail armor has been renamed Orclord Stalking. All pieces are now properly flagged as leather and now have a more appropriate appearance. (No stats or class requirements have been changed.)

The Ribcage Scythe will now deal piercing damage and has had it’s +slashing mod replaced with +piercing.

Deepforest Fistwraps can now be equipped by Bruisers and Monks.

Plasma Boost and Plasma Amplification are now correctly modifying the amount of damage specified in the spell description.

The Crown of Enlightenment’s trigger proc now works correctly.

Plasma Boost (and similar effects) will no longer stop the triggered effect from the Robe of Alkabor from functioning.

*** Quests ***

All players above the level 20 can now assist Grot Leadarm in the quest, "Ill Communication" in the Butcherblock Mountains.

Significantly reduced the number of Enchanted Adamantine Ore and Enchanted Azurite Capillaries that Toranim Skyblade and Gogas Afadin want for the Ghoulbane Empowered subquests.

In Greater Faydark, The limecap mushrooms can now be harvested from a normal distance for the quest "Limecap Mushrooms".

Temporary items given when you start a quest will now be stamped with the name of the Quest.

Citizens of Kelethin can now do the Ties That Bind in Antonica.

Quest Sharing: – You can now share Quests (both incomplete and complete) with your groupmates using the new button in your Quest Journal!  When sharing a Quest, the receiver will start at the beginning of the Quest. You must have completed all the prerequisites in order to receive a shared Quest. If you haven’t, a message will tell you what you need to do. Certain types of Quests cannot be shared: Hallmark, Heritage, Signature and Betrayal Quests, plus the first Quest in each Deity line. Receivers will be granted any items that the original Quest NPC gives at the start of the Quest.

*** PVP ***

Citizens of Freeport, Kelethin and Qeynos who die in Azhar’s Penitence will now have respawn options in the Sinking Sands.

Fixed an issue where playing in third person combat might stop another player from using positional attacks on them.

You will now get a message to the general combat channel about why you have entered into combat.

*** Tradeskills ***

Fixed an error causing components to disappear if a player goes LD while doing commission work.

 *** Zones ***

The Estate of Unrest: Garanel’s Shade will no longer break the counter with /yell. Enchanted Lands: Pages missing from the Enchanted Lands book collection quests are once again dropping.

*** Broker ***

Containers can be flagged as ‘Contents not for sale’. This will hide the contents of the bag from any vender’s sell window.

Searching the broker is now more intuitive:

Each word you search for can appear in the item name in any order.

 Use a dash (-) before a word to indicate that the word should not appear in the item name.

*** UI ***

The Options window now has buttons for "Save Custom" and "Load Custom." You can use these new features to create, save, and load options profiles and switch between them on the fly.

Bags should no longer resize when you log in, from their previous size.

Fixed a number of cases where spells would give out unnecessary error messages.

Changing a container’s label is now done from the Bag Options window.

You can now select the primary spell for a macro that contains multiple spell steps. The icon tinting, reuse timer and tooltip are displayed for the primary spell.

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