Level 52, 53.. and it’s time for new digs

Misako, sporting her new cobalt armor and a matching spear and buckler set

I slacked with the defiler, I admit. I leveled her to 52 wearing level 20 gear. I did upgrade her spells and she has adept1 of everything, made adept3 of everything important (which so far has been nothing except her 52 ancient teaching’s spell). I used her as a heal / buff bot and some dps with her doggy, but she rarely quested or did anything more. I didn’t join groups outside of my guild specifically because there’s no way she’d have the capabilities to keep up a “regular” player in her icky gear. So when she hit 52, I decided to go all out, and get her geared up incase opportunity ever arose that I actually wanted to, you know, PLAY her.

So I splurged, and spent about 11p. It was well worth it though. I bought 7 cobalt clusters and had a friend make me a full set of brigandine armor (which has +12 stam / int / wis) leaving them with a 2p tip for their prompt service. Then I bought 8 pearls, and made myself earrings, bracelets, rings, a necklace, made myself a belt with a scaled pelt, as well as a tome for ranged. Bought a cobalt spear for 1p50g since I don’t know any weaponsmiths, and made myself an imbued ironwood buckler with one I had sitting in the bank. Also bought her some level 50 food and drink, even though I have a provisioner, I had no supplies and wasn’t really in the mood to craft. Besides, what’s the point of even having money in game if I never spend it. My three level 70’s don’t need any masters any more, and their gear is no-trade stuff from raids and instances. There’s nothing to shop for.

I spent the day working quests in sinking sands and wondering why I had put off questing with her for so long. Probably because boxing two characters through quests is not actually something I enjoy. Especially because I box on one computer with one monitor. So I have to constantly toggle back and forth between characters while questing, checking for updates and seeing which part I’m on next and what I need, etc. I use the defiler screen far less, since I pay the most attention to the tank character. I managed to get almost 51 ap, and she’s 66% into her level from those solo sinking sands chains of quests. I also intend on getting her started on her godking weapon (which really is still the best weapon non-raid obtained for a healer) and I traveled to West Freeport and picked up the starter to Claymore which is how I figure I’ll grind her through the 60’s. She still needs to do the druzaic language quest, as well as pick up to speak as a dragon, but those can wait. I’m also looking forward to hitting 55, means she can group with level 70’s and get quest credit, even if the mobs are grey’d out, that doesn’t bother me so much. She’ll also get ap for the names killed.

Hoping to take her through Hidden Cache today in Sinking Sands. I did the Tomb of Dust in the Clefs of Rujark yesterday, three named and a bunch of discovery, nothing interesting dropped but that’s fine. Still eager to get her out of the 50’s and into the 60’s! When I was solo’ing the quests yesterday I realized just how much fun the defiler really is. Granted, I say that about every single one of my characters, I enjoy playing them so much.

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  1. stargrace says:

    I don’t have any macro’s at all actually, heh. I just uh.. hit a heal over time (if I’m on the fury) or a ward.. tab over to the tank… tank away.. it’s a shadowknight so he has a lot of his own heals / life taps as well… tab back over to the healer, who’s on autofollow.. cast another heal.. tab back over… Not a silly question at all.

    I do have a duel core, which is nice, and I can run two copies of EQII (even three if I get really feisty) as well as msn a web browser.. so the computer make up plays a huge role in it.. it’s very very simple though. No hassle of two monitors, or keyboards, or whatever.. I just use one for everything. I’ve done it in EQLive forever, so it was natural to want to try here. I set my settings to balanced instead of the very highest settings which is what I play in when I’m just playing with one account.

  2. Kilanna says:

    I hope that this doesn’t seem like a really silly question – but how do you work the mechanics of 2 accounts on one PC? I just always imagined you would need 2 PC’s.

    Do you have to use a lot of macros? How do you work it so that you healer is working and protecting your other toon while they are in combat? If it was indeed viable, i would consider taking over my husbands account cos he doesn’t play much anymore.

    Maybe I just cant imagine it because my machine isn’t so brilliant and it takes a few seconds just to tab between my EQII and an already loaded webpage:)

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