It… drools?

Stargrace, sporting her new warg, which I’ve named Spit. For obvious reasons.

The new update went in yesterday with very little issues at all. I headed to Loping Plains (along with the majority of the server) and did the quests for the new wargs. Easy, simple, fast quests that paid some coin and a lot of ap experience. I did the quest on all three level 70’s, and I’ll head there and do it with the rest once they hit 55 (which is the lowest level you can be to get the quest). All you do is run around close to Somborn and charm three types of warg, you can complete it in less then five minutes. The wargs cost 5p each, and are 45% speed. So they’re slighty faster then the free carpet you can quest for, but slower then the guild level 60 mounts (which also cost status, and 14p each). There was a note on the forums stating these will not be the last wargs you see, nor the fastest. More will come.

They’re… interesting. The run graphic seems to be a bit off for my liking. They also drool. A lot. I do like the jump graphic. I decided to trade in my two 50% mounts and purchase this new warg, saving myself 5p on the return of my old mount, as well as getting the status back. Not that I need status for anything, but it’s always nice to have a little extra coin in my pocket.

Misako got level 54… I quested a little, and decided to do Hidden Cache with a friend. She also almost hit 52 ap, I’m heading down the int line for some nice debuffs.

With the new update yesterday was also a better chance for useful items to drop on your instance runs. Some people were complaining, because it does not seem to be 100% chance for a useful item to drop. More like 90% chance. I did Obelisk of Blight, where shadowknight boots dropped (and the tank was a shadowknight from guild who could use them, thankfully) and I also did Valdoons, where ranger forearms dropped, and low and behold, we had a ranger in the group who could use them. I had Dasie tag along on all these runs in the hopes that a piece of templar gear would drop… of course it didn’t happen that way but oh well I’ll just have to keep trying. I’m looking forward to being able to bring the defiler on these adventures.

2 Responses to It… drools?

  1. Cordanim says:

    Ooooo me likey! I gots ta run Cord over and get one of those :)

    Oh, also can you try the polls on my site…not working for me – want to see if it’s me or the plugin :)

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