It’s a slow slow grind, but I’m getting there!

Misako grinding the level away in Pillars of Flame, her home for a few more levels

Level 55 and counting. I’m going to use a leveling potion tonight in the hopes that I can get to 56.. and then over the next few days, I’m hoping to be out of the dreaded T6 and into T7 with the defiler. I’ve been doing a few odd quests here and there, yesterday Silent City access was completed, and today since Pillars of Flame was relatively bot-free, decided to do some of the easy quests in there. It worked out fairly well. A lot of the ease of leveling has to do not only with the 70 shadowknight I use to mentor (though now my defiler can group up with 70’s and get quest credit finally! That’s a huge bonus) but also to do with the 56 ranger who’s been coming with me on all my adventures. It’s great company and the dps is a blessing.

Last night I also took the defiler through Poets Palace. Things there are level 65, which means they’re red to her, but she got the discovery and the ap points for the named none the less. The zone is fairly easy for any level 70. One down side is that she can’t quite cure the dots that mobs use, nor can she cure the awful traps that get set off from treasure chests, but she does have her 55 rare that she can use every 2 minutes and removes impairments up to level 74. Better then nothing I suppose! I haven’t progressed the Godking quest any further yet, nor have I progressed Claymore, but those are on my “to do” list. I imagine I’ll start more once I’ve hit 60.

I also did a quick nest run, which was a lot of fun. I took the illusionist, no healer. A master dropped and ended up getting transmuted, it was only selling for 2p on the broker, and that’s pretty much just change now. I love what Gaff has been doing lately with adding old screen shots and having people guess where they’re from. There is also a WoW site that does that called AFKGamer, so I think I’m going to have to swipe the idea, once a week. I’ll post a screen shot to some location or an item some place (hopefully unique.. I can’t promise though!) and see if people can guess where it is.

I found this post interesting, where Ogrebear talks about their dislike of people solo’ing poets. I made a reply to it, because I didn’t agree. There are plenty of people out there who can solo things that I can not do. Be it due to my gear (or lack there of) or some other factor. I don’t expect people to do things exactly like one another. It is a combination of skill and other randomness. I don’t hold it against those people either. It would be almost as if I complained about a level 70 crafter making more money from their crafting profession then I did at mine. At least that’s what I relate it to.

2 Responses to It’s a slow slow grind, but I’m getting there!

  1. Gaff says:

    Thanks for the compliment–I wish I could take credit for it, but Wilhelm at the Ancient Gaming Noob was doing the same thing with his leveling location. However, your compliment is enough for me to dig up another for tomorrow!

    Are you bringing anyone to Crushbone??

  2. Ogrebears says:

    Ya i’m starting to agree with the rest of you guys. But to a certain point.

    I have a friend who has 4 level 70 character, and every day he solo poet on all 4. And the amount of masters he get a weeks, make me feel like he exploiting it.

    Soloing it on one character i’m ok with now, but the whole, leveling up an army to do the zone over and over again seem to push the limits.

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