Strange happenings in Nektulos

Hmmm. This looks new. Thexian Gatecallers and a whole lot of.. something.. going on

Yesterday I took my (now) 56 defiler, and decided I’d start claymore. The first few quests were really easy. I managed to get to the SoS ones, and realized I don’t have the druzaic language quest completed. In fact, I have no language quests completed, nor any Lore and Legend quests done. I need druzaic to speak with the ghost in Sanctum of the Scaleborn, so I decided early this morning that I’d head out and start working on that. It’s a very simple quest, run around to four shrines which can be in one of two locations, and click it. While searching for the first shrine in Nektulos Forest.. I stumbled into something.

Wow. What IS that? Surrounding it are Thexian Gatecallers, busy at work. It’s located in the North East portion of the zone, close to where you pick up the Dragoon heritage quest. Anyone have any ideas what’s incoming? I also noticed another strange occurrence that I’d yet to see before, or perhaps I’ve just never noticed it. In Antonica at the spires that take you to the KoS zone, there is a scroll on the ground, next to one of the spires that reaches for the sky. A brown scroll, that pulses with mist. You can’t interact with it, but it looked new to me none the less.

Is Neriak on it’s way back to being rebuilt? What are those Thexians up to? I tried to prod Silverstep for information (my dark elf fury) but she was reluctant to say anything. Personally, I don’t think she knew what to make of it.

I’m glad to be almost out of the dreaded T6 with the defiler. Though it’s going slow and even slower with no vitality. Using one of her 54% exp potions yesterday for an hour only netted me 30% experience over all. I figure I’ll just keep grinding and questing, it seems to get more experience over all.

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  1. Arrex of Tholuxe Paells says:

    The gateway is believed to lead to the Darklight Woods. A similar tunnel is being dug in the Commonlands north of the western nomad camp. Suspicion is that this will be the Neriak newbie zone, but so far that’s all it is.

    The scroll is for sorcerers and is part of their quests for their teleportation spells at 25th level.

    BTW, I would like to welcome you in advance to the Kithicor server.

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