Where in the World of Norrath

Any ideas? One hint.. Rat Queen.

I spent the weekend relaxing before the server transfers go live (which I think will start on Tuesday now, since the EU PvP server merge is a 24 hour ordeal). I took everything out of my shared banks so that it wouldn’t get left behind, removed all my items from broker including the containers, and made sure my characters actually physically own everything in their respective homes, incase anything got lost along the way. I’ve had some issues moving once before and losing a few small house items, so I took care this time around. I’m hoping the move goes smooth. I did join a nice Labs raid, it went well, no wipes.

I also worked a bit on the new library and lore section of the site. It’s something I’ve had in the past, typed out the tomes collected in my library by hand for others to read, also describing where the book came from. Blame my obsession with house items. So once the raids were done, and my banks cleaned, I worked on book quests.

There are three type of book quests really. There are ones that are sold by merchants. The Sage located in the mage towers for Qeynos and Freeport, then there are also mob dropped ones. These ones are the most annoying for me, as I’ve pretty much out-leveled any place that has these drop. Examples would be Obelisk of Lost Souls, where there are at least 7 mob-dropped-only book quests, I tried farming as many as I could with the defiler, she has six on the go now I believe. There are also collection books, where you can find the pages scattered across Norrath, they can drop from mobs as body drops or they can be found on the ground as pages fluttering in the wind, marked by a shiny explanation mark. These ones are just as annoying, as you’ve no idea where to search for the specific pages that you need. My favorite by far are the ones sold by the sages. They’re interesting stories and send you all over the place. I wish that each side could complete the tomes, but since the sage in Freeport won’t talk to my Qeynosians and vice versa, I’ve betrayed characters just so that they could obtain books on both sides.

There are a LOT of book quests out there. I am missing so many of them, it’s sort of an inspiration for me to try to gather more, keeps me motivated. On the down side, I did not play the defiler at all this weekend (though maybe that is a blessing?) and saved up her vitality. I logged her in to make a set of tailored gear for a stranger (who was new to the server, I also gave them a plat to play around with) and that was about it. I need to do more farming for her at some point or another as she’s low on T5 stuff.

Other then that, things are quiet. Look for an rp-related post later in the day hopefully!

** Edit ** News about the transfers here! Looking forward to this.

7 Responses to Where in the World of Norrath

  1. stargrace says:

    The evil that is LoTRO.. boo! Oh well at least someone guessed correctly *grins* I just don’t have the population of readers that you do Gaff ;)

  2. Gaff says:

    The above was me, btw :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually, Wilhelm got it–I sent him a link, and that was his answer. Why didn’t he post it? His mind is poisoned by LoTRO.

  4. stargrace says:

    Bah no one knows? Vermin’s Snye of course, the 2nd level of the Qeynos Catacombs. Where the Rat Queen Ayamia the Unfortunate resides. Her story is quite sad.

  5. stargrace says:

    Illusi is moving to Najena, the rest headed to Kithicor. Or so I think.. we’ll just have to see!

  6. Cordanim says:

    So, what server did you decide on?!

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