Home Sweet (new) Home

Warg quests completed, hope they don’t bite hard!

The SoE site was packed this morning with people trying to transfer their characters. Be it a permanent move like my own, or a temporary one to pick up something on another server at a better price (or something that just may not have been offered at all on the home server). At 7am EST they were still not working, or at least it was hit and miss. By 10am though things were working in full swing. I moved my illusionist first, having already applied to a new raiding guild. I haven’t seen any of the members on quite yet but it’s still early. The server welcomed me (and about 10 other people who just moved) and it seems friendly enough. Prices are comparable to the old server. I moved due to the lack of population and a dire need for a change. The rest of my characters I moved to another server, where my old guild is settling down. I know it’s probably not smart to be playing on two servers — but since transfers are free all week, I figure if I don’t like it by the end of the week, I have a second transfer I can use, and will move everyone to the same server. We’ll see how it goes.

The change thus far, has been very nice. The population is huge. Appealing. It’s the same game with new people. I’ll have to make some new friends, and I’m not exactly keen on that, I’m picky and tend to be fussy. It’s nice to see different people talking in channels then what I’m used to. The conversations are much the same. Picking on Paladins, making jokes, crafters looking for work, unrest groups going every second. People needing healers. I’m nervous, having applied to a raid guild but having no idea what to expect. Well, I mean I’ve raided plenty, I do know what to expect. Just hope I can live up to it!

Looking forward to taking some time to work on collection quests I have. Mostly the house item book ones of course. I want to get that library up and going fully. Just a small post today as I wiggle around and test the water in my new homes, I’ll post more updates as they come!

2 Responses to Home Sweet (new) Home

  1. stargrace says:

    I decided to move everyone to Kithicor, the server most of the remaining guild members from my LDL guild moved to. :)

  2. Cuppycake says:

    What server did you chooise? Hope you enjoy your new home =)

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