Settling in nicely

The move was worth it, just for the piano

The move went off without a hitch — almost. When I got to my new servers (I am on Kithicor now, with all of the girls – decided to follow the members of my previous guild with everyone, instead of splitting them up and remaining on both Najena and Kithicor.. thank goodness we could move twice) I noticed everything from my house vault, was doubled– not something I had planned by the way. My house vault was filled with crafting raws, spare fire places, and 6 vaults worth of items. Even the boxes themselves were doubled and placed into my overflow. So my first reaction was to petition it, and bug report it. Because what would prevent someone from filling their house vault with masters and transferring their characters around only to find that they suddenly had two or three of a certain item.

Later on in the day, I was pleased to see this announcement, though I am also glad I got my move in before they ended the server transfer service (for the time being). A few of my guild mates are still looking to move, and I hope the service is back up today so that they can proceed. I had no idea what I was supposed to do with the doubled items, if I’d get into trouble for selling them or using them, this was the only responce I got from SoE about the incident:

Response (GM Kimbial) – 05/01/2007 03:11 PM
Greetings Vivacious,

This is Senior Game Master Kimbial. Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment In-Game Customer Service. And welcome to Najena. The issue with the duplicating items on any server is known and Development has been made aware of the issue. We ask at this time that you hold onto the items, if you can, or delete them to clear out your over flow. We’ll have a better idea of what Development wants us to do to resolve this matter once they’ve taken a look at the coding and address it there. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

If there is anything else we can try to assist you with, please do not hesitate to ask.

Safe journeys,

Senior Game Master Kimbial
EverQuest II Customer Service
Sony Online Entertainment

It made for a fairly interesting day I suppose, none the less. I joined my new guild, and headed to HoS (it was an off night, so we were all just raiding for fun). It was nice to see 20+ people logged in on a non-raid night. Surprised me in fact. Most raiding guilds there is no one around if raids are not planned. Tonight is our first “real” raid night that I’m apart of. The guild is actually branched off of a previous one where leadership did not see eye to eye on certain matters. I was not apart of that incident nor do I know what happened (nor do I care). It means that the guild is level 25, and that actually makes me happy. It means I can be a part of helping it level and actually feel as though I’ve contributed to the guild.

I’ll still be starting my own private guild for alts, just because I need a place to stash them. There is an alt guild, but I’d rather have access to my own and take advantage of the guild bank and what not. As you can see pictured above, the move was worth it just for the mistmoore piano I bought. The item is obtained through collection quests, or blue shinnies as people call them. From Castle Mistmoore. A place that I rarely venture into, let alone farm shinnies in. At 10p, this piano was a steal. I also bought two easels, which are no longer in game for 1p50g. So I may not have moved servers and bought any new masters or anything “useful” in others minds, but the house items were something I’d wanted for a long time, and lets be honest. That piano rocks.

3 Responses to Settling in nicely

  1. Sehlena says:

    Hey, welcome to Kithikor! I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple weeks and like it a lot. I’m Sehlena, a 68 Fury on Kithikor. Holler if you a medic. :)

  2. Ogrebears says:

    Ahhh your on kithicor now… muhahaha, maybe you’ll see me running around every now and then…

    Nice Piano i still need to go get one of thouse.

  3. Cordanim says:

    Well, glad I got to move the fae before they shut the transfers down temporarily :)

    Love the piano!!!

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