Through the Looking Glass – Rp

Some times, you just need a change

“I seek advice,” the dark elf spoke in stuttered sentences, trying to gather the nerve to continue on with her thoughts. She stood in a room with a mirror and nothing else. The walls were brightly coloured, and a rich carpet lay on the floor. A strand of hair fell over one eye and she brushed it away absentmindedly. After a few seconds with no reply (not that there was anyone around to answer) she continued.

“I feel… restless..” She hedged around the words. “Unsatisfied. Not only with myself, but just in general. I have no direction… not since… well.. since he died…” She trailed off, and blinked away some unshed tears. She looked down and quickly tried to clear her mind, noticing a small patch of lighting flickering from one finger to the next, a curse (or blessing some would think) from Solseuk Ro, the Burning Prince. She managed to calm her emotions before continuing.

“Let me start from.. well.. the start. Things were not always this way. Things were happy, for a time. I felt things. Good things.” She lowered her voice as she remembered them. The time after her accident, when she was taken care of. When the prophets first spoke to her about the Burning Prince and what he wanted her to do. She felt needed, and wanted. It quickly got out of hand though. The exhilaration of the heat.. the flames.. as they licked their way through her body. The storm that followed quickly after, it consumed her. Before too long, she was lost in it. Ignoring both friend and foe she heard nothing but the call of the Prince. Entire forests fell before her, and in the night time hours her once violet eyes glowed red instead. It was too much.

She woke one night and could not recall the events that transpired. The thought scared her beyond belief. She had pushed aside everyone to obtain her goals with single mindedness and was standing in an open field the stench of something… wafting up around her with an underlying metallic scent. There were no animals around, no birds calling. No people. Just her, clothing slightly scorched and a pounding headache. She glanced at her hands, blackened. It repulsed her. Something had to change. This was not her it did not feel right it was not right it —

“Ugh..” She let out a soft moan and sunk to her knees on the floor.

“It’s not too late.” Came a very quiet whisper almost next to her ear. “You know you are always welcome home.”

The elf sighed and wrapped her arms around her knees, rocking herself on the floor.

“Tell me what to do, have I made a mistake?” She asked the empty room.

“Just.. feel..” Came the voice. A hand brushed against the elf’s cheek, and wrapped protectively around her, a small attempt at comfort. The elf let out her tears, the water coursing down her cheeks. So much pain and confusion built up that finally spilled over. She hoped, that things would only get better from here. That she’d find some strength, and lose her curse.

(( Restless tonight. I’m in a cranky mood and decided to spew my moods all over my blog. Been a while since I’ve written an Rp story, hopefully a lot more will follow, not quite as dreary ))

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