The return of Neriak and a new race

Where are my extra character slots?!

That was the first thought in my head when I read about the upcoming adventure pack, said to release at the end of May. What details were released so far can be found here. I’m sure there will be an abundance of posts about all the nitty gritty details and pictures of the new "evil fae" race. . . wait, wait a second here. Another new race?!

With a limit of six character slots, and already having to condense character slots to make room for the fae that were released with EoF, I’m wondering how on earth people will manage. I have two accounts, I’m lucky. I also have over six characters who are level 50+ and none of them are the good or evil fae. That means that if I didn’t have these two accounts, I’d have to delete a character that I put a lot of time and effort into just to make room for the new races, and who wants to do that?

I am excited about the new content. I love lower level content, gives people a chance to mentor and explore new places and remember why we all were drawn to this game to begin with. It gives raiders a chance to remember that there’s more out there. I hear every day about a push for high end, top end content. But honestly with KoS and EoF there is enough of that right now. Not everyone is level 70 with 100 ap. I know making alts and leveling them up is not a whole lot of fun for very many people, but it does appeal to some. I’d love to work on more quests, gray or not, and just work my over all quest count. I missed so much content just plain leveling. Anyhow, just my two cents on that.

I’ll be making an evil fae warlock once they come out. I’ve never played one before and I’m looking forward to it. Plus I want the ability to port to EoF zones on both accounts. I have the fury on one already. I don’t know what I’ll name her but it’s fun to think of none the less.

As a general update this week I haven’t been up to that much. I started my own little guild for my alts. A place to stash my tradeskill supplies and while it’s very small it’s a nice thing to have none the less. Plus when I do HQ on my alts I hate to see all that status go to waste. At least this way I can feel some what productive and take advantage of the benefits that come with a guild. If anyone out there on the Kithicor server is looking for an escape (and not a busy one at all) or wants the advantage of having a guild, feel free to poke me or any one of my characters to talk. I joined Uprising when I first moved to Kithicor. It was the guild that my old guild on Lucan had agreed upon. However, after two days there I decided that it was not exactly the place for me. You can always tell right away if a guild is "home" or not. I didn’t get the vibe that this was a place I wanted to stay. I’m more then likely going to betray my fury back to a warden. I miss being one. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m worried about losing my masters (since she has them all) and my answer to that is simply.. no, why would I be. Adept3’s are more then enough for what I need her for. She’s not raiding. I’ll probably betray my conjuror back to a necromancer as well. I miss the feign death. I also miss their rez. We’ll see how it goes though, in the mean time I’m simply getting all the "girls" settled into their homes and fixing up their banks again.

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  1. Kilanna says:

    I hear you girl. More toon slots please!

    With 24 clasees and a bunch of races, we need more! I dont know how difficult it would be to implement something similar to WoW, with x number of toons per server. There is just so much to do in this game. As you have pointed out you can easily miss out on doing content at the appropriate level, so how neat would it be to be able to have a bunch more toons.

    It would mean that zones at all levels would always be alive and the economy would be fabulous. I really think it woudl go a long way to retaining and maybe even boosting subsribers.

    I think you are brave to betray your girls, but that is because i guess i dont have even one toon at lvl 70 yet:) Good luck with getting your girls settled

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