.. Where is my Level 70 Character?!

Uh.. that doesn’t look right.. where’s Minxes the 70 Illusionist?

So I logged in this morning after checking my email, and just about had a heart attack. I had petitioned yesterday about my house zone being under my illusionists old name, rather then her new name. It meant that if I ever wanted to move, she could not relinquish the home since their names did not match up. Not that I’m planning on giving up her 5-room place but it would save hassle later on. I received an email back saying a GM had fixed the issue for me.

So. Where is my level 70 character exactly?

EQ2players says she’s still on my account. Some where. I seem to just not be able to access her or see her or something. Yes, I’m pissed. If I were in a raiding guild and I had raids I’d be even more pissed. I have no idea where my level 70 character went. So I’ve sent off (yet another) petition in the hopes that someone out there can track her down and give me access to her again. I’m assuming that it’s due to the housing issue of yesterday and not some underlying problem. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

Sitting in Baubleshire with my 53 conjuror Faydai while I wait for a responce from SoE.. and the spams from plat sellers are not exactly helping my mood any.

1 Response to .. Where is my Level 70 Character?!

  1. Cordanim says:

    Ummm, wow…yeah they fixed the issue – by deleting a character? =/

    Hopefully you get your usual good service and she’s back in no time!

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