Building a kitchen and other musings

Minxes’ newly designed kitchen, a portion of it at least

It was another quiet day in EQII for me, didn’t really feel like grinding experience on the defiler, though she’s comfortably sitting 30% through 58. The weather was too nice to want to do too much indoors anyhow. I did manage to complete two blue shiny quests though. One of them being the acorns from greater faydark that give the distillery on the right side wall, and the other was a torture chair from Crushbone. Once I’d completed the quests and put the spare pieces for sale (netting about 7p throughout the day, which helps cover the costs I’ve been spending on house items to begin with) I decided it was time for a few small changes to the house. I have a small personal set of “house goals” I’ll call them. One, is obviously working down my rent from 18,000 remaining to 0. My house requires 60,000 status a week. I have 42,000 so far thanks to the gorgeous rare furniture that’s out there. It’s not really that much status I suppose, so long as I continue to work on writs and turn in my status items. Raids net a whole lot more but since I’m not raiding lately, well, the writs will do.

Anyhow, one of my other goals is to get at least amiable faction with the Ironforge exchange to be able to purchase their display case. It’s going to take forever. So I’m obviously procrastinating on it. I figure maybe I’ll start small. Do 5 writs a day. Eventually, I’ll have enough. Who knows though, I’ve tried to attempt this before (I’m sitting at 3,700 faction currently towards my 10,000 goal) and given up over time. It’s very easy with the provisioner, I just do rush order writs of the lowest level, they use squash and meat, which are two items that are for sale in abundance on the broker since they don’t make anything worth while to players.

I also want to finish off my weapons wall, by completing numerous heritage quests that can convert into house items, as well as the lore and legends that I have not finished yet. There are a lot, let me assure you. My illusionist currently has 17/33 L&L completed. I had finished them all on the fury, but didn’t want to be bothered with the illusionist. That will also add a whole lot more books to my library collection. I’d also like to re-do my library, adding floor to ceiling book shelves, and build them much like my old Freeport house had, with a display area along the bottom before a row of books on the top.

After all of these changes to my EQII home, I’ve decided that it’s well past time I actually had my own carpenter. You’d think that by now I’d have stuck it out with one, since I spend so much money on housing items and talk about it so frequently. Alas, out of all the crafters I have (and trust me, I have plenty) a carpenter is not one of them. When the evil fae are released at the end of this month I’ll be attempting to make a warlock, who will (hopefully, attention span willing) become my carpenter.

I’ve also taken a peek at the maj’dul arena, having never ever bothered with it before, so look for my post on that tomorrow!

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