Some arena time

Chosing your avatar in the arena is just one use for those pesky house animals you have roaming around

In the 2+ years I’ve played EQII I’d never set foot in the arena. I rarely duel, in fact I think I’ve done it a grand total of three times, twice vs. Lader a conjuror friend of mine, and once vs. Mishanna, a warden. I’ve never bothered playing the PvP version because quite frankly that aspect of this particular game does not interest me what so ever. That’s not to say I’m not an avid PvP’er when I want to be, I have after all left to play WoW for brief stints, and I adored it, but EQII is so complex to me already without that factor, I don’t need more. I don’t mean complex in difficulty level of the game, but in the fact that there’s plenty to do to keep me busy.

I happened to be in someone’s house (of course) examining their items when I came across a blue and gold flag, hanging from an ornamental axe. I’d never seen it before. Examining it showed that it was an arena reward for 1,00 wins.

The arena had house items for winning?

I set out to Maj’Dul to investigate. Low and behold the merchant outside the arena did indeed sell a variety of house items, for wins and kills. No small feats either, the first items starting at 1,00 wins, or 1,000 kills. There are also unique titles for sale. The price, 6s. Exceptionally low -if- you can find people to battle that many times. I attempted to play in the arena just to see what it was all about. No one was around on the three occasions I went besides myself. It was fun at first and then faded fast. You get to pick which zone to battle in, whether to use avatars (the house pets you typically see roaming around people’s homes) or use characters. You can allow spectators or have private matches, play your typical player vs. player round or play games like capture the flag. You can play team events, and a few other variables. It was exceptionally well done if you’re into that sort of thing. The avatar matches are interesting because you get to play a class other then your own. Granted the fountain spirit is a healer and it wasn’t much fun, but the fear knight was a lot of fun being a warrior / guardian class.

The house items may not be something I obtain right away, but they’re going on my list of “I would like to have one day”, a list that seems to be growing continuously. Anyone else spent any time in the arena? What did you think?

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