Everyone needs a good weap– spoon?

Misako riding around Sinking Sands, with her new spoon

Did some instances with the defiler, and she’s now sporting the very stylish spoon that drops in cazels. Figured the thing never dropped for any of my other characters, at least she’s got some good luck. She hit 59 yesterday as I grinded through some very easy Lesser Faydark quests, making a whole lot of coin off of them as well. Also managed to hit 62ap on her, so she’s eating those up nicely. In fact she has more then the 70 templar now, go figure. Ap are so much easier to get when you’re a lower level.

A huge thank you to Cordanim for sharing his new blog format, I adored it and of course had to grab it for myself. I like the layout much better then the old one I had. It’s also just nice to switch it out every so often.

Other then that, I haven’t been doing too much. Reading a good book by Robin Hobbs and contemplating a few new suggestions as far as where to go in game. A friend of mine, Beeglin, suggested some time ago that I apply to Strike, the top raiding guild on Lucan D’Lere. I shrugged at the suggestion, doubting myself as a player, and the fact that they’ve got two raiding illusionists already. After speaking to another member of the guild, I’m contemplating the suggestion again. In the two plus years that I’ve played EQII I’ve never been in the top end guild before. Not from lack of knowledge about the game or time played, but for other smaller (and just as important) reasons. I was a recruit for Second Dawn as my warden and decided that they were not what I was looking for at the time, so raiding is really not that new to me. Devoting so much time to raiding would be new though, and a challenge that I’m not sure I could pass. Yes, I am online frequently enough, and yes, I could most certainly make all those raid hours, but do I really want to raid 6-7 days a week? I value my independence a lot, and I really am not sure if I’m good enough. Decisions decisions!

3 Responses to Everyone needs a good weap– spoon?

  1. Sehlena says:

    I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like Kithikor. I agree that the 60-69 channel can be annoying, which is why I rarely pay attention to it. But I hope you find a happier bunch of folks on your new server. Happy hunting.

  2. stargrace says:

    Well thank you very much hon for the compliments! You’re far too sweet. :) Players like you (and readers!) remind me why I enjoy this game so much to begin with. It’s all about the community.

  3. Kilanna says:

    I may be a little bit biased at the moment, but I can hardly wait these next few lvls till I am ready to start to raid!!

    Your knowledge of the game and your willingness to support other members of the gaming community would make you a welcome member to any guild IMO.

    I also think that there is much to be said for that independance that you cherish – that is when you get the time to read the quest givers dialogue without having to worry if you are delaying the rest of the group, it is when you get to know the layout of an zone and it’s mobs, it is when you get to appreciate beautiful things like sunset over the Sinking Sands.

    Kilannas guild (Pax Fatalis) raids 3 days a week, which is a very different proposition to raiding 6-7 times a week. Good luck with making your decision.

    Love the new look for your blog btw.

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