Here my pretty shiny…

Ah, the elusive blue shiny. I’ve talked about these collections before. You have to wear special goggles to be able to see them, they spawn every three minutes in specific locations. They can be found in butcherblock, around the chess board (chess pieces). Castle Mistmoore (candles) Crushbone in the Hall of tactics, hall of the magi, hall of truths, and temple of the prophet (torture instruments). They can also be found in Felwithe (sentry shards), Greater Faydark (Acorns), Kaladim (mining picks), Klak’anon (mechanical springs), Lesser Faydark (Gourd seeds), Loping plains (werewolf fangs), Mistmoore Catacombs (Skulls), and Steamfont mountains (mineral water).They typically reward you with a house item, though the Steamfont collection does not (grumble). I could spend hours harvesting in EQII between shinnies and crafting harvests. When I go to another MMO (WoW and Vanguard for example) I’m constantly looking around on the ground for something to harvest. What makes these little things so addictive that whole groups will even wipe to them in order to harvest?

Things are going well on AB, I’ve found a few guilds who are interested in an illusionist, so I’ll be doing Emerald Halls tonight. Lader and Shadowgeist have also found themselves a new home within the server, and I’m glad that things are working out finally for the band of adventurers. Moving to a new server is never much fun, especially when you don’t know any one. It can be a very stressful period of adjustment.

Yesterday I wanted to finish the manastone heritage quest, but neither of my two characters have CoD access. So I gave up frustrated and I figure I’ll complete it later today. There’s been some small unfortunate issues going on that have prevented me from enjoying the game lately, I’m hoping that they’re taken care of. I also petitioned about my houses, again. My character names were changed when I moved to AB, and my housing still says it’s owned by me, but the zones themselves fall under the previous names. Means if I want to relinquish, I can’t, because the names don’t match up.

Hopefully Cordanim is settling in just fine, his alts all got guilded last night. The little coercer in guild is leveling along nicely. It’s refreshing to have someone new in the guild. We’re not growing that fast, but it’s a type of home none the less.

I apologize for my thoughts being all over the place today, but it’s just one of those days!

2 Responses to Here my pretty shiny…

  1. stargrace says:

    It comes from an expert collection quest, the Faydark one with about 30 items you need *grins* Basically the ‘rares’ to each one of the sub-collections. Expensive to obtain but so worth it.

  2. Kilanna says:

    LOL I hear you on the shinys – I love the collection quests!

    I would love to know what it is about them that turns an otherwise mature adult into jelly to get to the shiny first:)

    OK – I share your obsession with the housing items – where do i get the goggles to start looking for these special shinys? Curious minds you know!!

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