Defiler hits 60, and gains a few ap

The guild may be small, with only 7 members (and an army of alts) but we still have fun

Misako hit level 60 yesterday, I’m proud of that accomplishment. I’m already thinking about which character to finish leveling to 70 next. I think my conjuror (who used to be a necromancer) is going to betray back to a necromancer, and then I’ll concern myself with leveling her up. She’s sitting at level 53 currently, and while I do enjoy the call of the hero spell that conjurors get, I like the feign death and rez spells of the necromancer. Even better then getting level 60 though, was that I hit 66ap with Misako as well. It means that she’s almost done her regular shaman ap line, I’ve gone down the pet aoe prevention line (also giving group aoe prevention on pet attack for 6 seconds) and I’ve also gone down the int line, which is a debuff line. I love it, works wonderfully. It also gives the group some very nice magic resists. On the down side, I have about 6 buffs I have to cast + the dog before I even get to my regular buffs. I spend more time buffing and re-buffing then anything else I think. A small complaint of course.

Cordanim has been eating up those ap points as well as can be plainly seen from the screen shot. Shadowgeist, Cordanim, and myself (boxing Dasie and Stargrace) headed to the Crypt of Valdoons last night to see if we had any luck with some class drops. Of course since Shadowgeist doesn’t actually need a single piece of shadowknight gear, that’s what dropped for us. My EQII luck shining through like always. Dasie did get the new cuirass, it’s a slight upgrade to the fabled one she was wearing, both in power and in wisdom. Her old one had some heath regen on it which she doesn’t need as a templar. I have barely played her at all, and she’s so far behind in ap. Perhaps one day I’ll work on that a little bit. Or I could box her along with my necromancer while they quest together.

Off to do nest with the defiler now, hopefully she can get a few more ap points and complete the crafting quests inside the zone.

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