Taking a second (or third, or fourth) look at the Village of Shin

I bought the defiler a new inn room. Her small 1-room place was getting a little cluttered, so I moved her from Big Bend (where all exiles end up after first moving to Freeport) into a 2-room in East Freeport. There’s no bank (add one please!) in the zone, but there is a city merchant close by, a broker, and bells to the docks, as well as a carpet to the DoF zones. She had a lot of knick nacks, but no real furniture. Instead of purchasing a bunch of it, I decided to head to the adventure pack Fallen Dynasty, and do the simple (but very rewarding) Village of Shin quests. After spending about an hour in the zone, Misako came back to her home with no less then 13 house items to add to the collection. Now, 7 of those are books to add to the library, but I also got a nice new bed, a bedside table, a lamp, a candle with heart graphics floating around, and a new ornament for the wall. While I was waiting for the npc to show up for tower access, I decided to take some extreme quality screen shots. I don’t want to have to re-size them, so please click the thumbnails for a better view. This zone is one of my absolute favorites, besides New Tunaria (Felwithe). It’s probably due to the Asian theme, while I don’t like soga models for any number of the characters, I do like seeing it in the world of EQII.

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The view from the Tower of the Wind, just before the sun comes up in the Village of Shin.

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Looking up at the tower from the base.

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Looking out over the docks from the main land.

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Looking out over the fields, from the main land.

Hopefully a few more out there enjoy the view. I love taking screen shots in game, and love the fact that if I wanted to I could play on extreme quality settings. It does lag me slightly depending on where I am and who is with me (playing that setting during a raid would hurt after some time) but it reminds me of what a very pretty world Norrath is. I have over 600 screen shots in my EQII folder alone, not to mention my old EQLive folder, my Vanguard screenshots, and even some WoW ones. Be it a special occasion that you wish to remember, or just a pretty sun set, at times screen shots in MMO’s are no different them someone pulling out a camera to snap a shot.

As a quick update, defiler hit level 61. Also managed to get 69ap on her, she’s eating those up fairly quickly. Tulips hit 26 armorer. What a boring thing to level. Takes forever and barely any new recipes each level. I think last level she had three, and this level she has.. four? Maybe. Not as bad as Cordanim and his 2 recipes a level record, but I’ve already gone through that with the provisioner (and the woodworker!).

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  1. Kilanna says:

    OK I am sold – I have not done any adventuring there – and now I absolutely must:) 13 new house items woot!

    A few weeks ago I was questing in SS and looked up to see sunset over the Bay of Anuk. I had to take some screenshots it was sooo pretty. Glad to know I am not the only one who takes photos in her video game to remember :)

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