How Misako came to Freeport

(( An Rp story on how Misako came to Freeport, since I betrayed her some time ago from mystic to defiler ))

Misako glanced around her humble inn room in East Freeport and grinned at herself. She’d finally done it. After everything that had gone on in her young life she’d finally managed to save up enough coin to purchase her very own place. Her possessions were not many, but they were hers. She thought back to how she had come to Freeport to begin with, and her heart ached slightly.

It started with a boy, of course. Well, more like a man. His name was Farid, and he was everything to her. They’d met in the sewers of all places. Not exactly the most romantic of settings, but it was love at first sight, or well, it felt like it. They connected instantly. It was intense. Farid was a powerful sorcerer in Freeport, although Misako did not know that at the time. She only knew that she cared beyond anything she had ever felt before. He showed her things she’d only dreamt of, and whispered in her ears of power and promises that enticed her to give up her Qeynosian ways. After thinking on it for some time, she decided that Qeynos had nothing to offer her. She’d become bored with the daily worships of Tunare and the people who spouted off about the evils befalling them. Evils? Farid was not evil. Perhaps it was time she saw things from a different light. So she’d said goodbye to her family, to her twin sister Stargrace, and left for Freeport, promising Farid that she’d to anything in her power to keep him happy and that she’d one day make a good wife for him.

She should have known better. Before she left, Stargrace pulled her aside for one last sister to sister talk. Warning her to be careful and whispering to keep in touch. Stargrace had slipped a small pouch of coins into Misako’s pockets before dashing away down the street, tears streaming from her eyes. Misako’s heart had gone out to her twin sister, but this was something that she wanted to do. Something she had to do. Upon arriving in Freeport, Misako had gone off in search of Farid. Not knowing her way around she’d stumbled into a random inn, seeking shelter from an abrupt downpour that had caught the poor wood elf.

” We’ve no use fer your kind here… ” Sneered the barkeep, washing the counter tops with a dirty rag.

“I’ve got coin.” Misako slapped a silver piece down, making sure to look the barkeep squarely in the eye. She wasn’t going to let people push her around. “I’d like a mug of ale, and some bread.” She made herself comfortable.

“Big spender are ye..” The barkeep smirked and waddled towards the kitchen, scooping up the silver from the counter as he went. His girth surprised Misako, who could ever want to let themselves go like that.

A woman’s laugh from the back corner of the room drew Misako’s attention, and she turned to see who it came from. Her jaw dropped open, and her heart instantly cracked in half. Some common wench was perched upon Farid’s lap, grinding suggestively against him, he was whispering in her ear, his hands cupped a breast teasingly, and Misako let out a low gasp of dismay. His eyes widened as he glanecd towards Misako, the wench running her hands in places that were far better suited to a private room.

“How.. how could you!” She let the words fly out before gathering her belongings quickly and running from the inn. Her breath came in ragged hitches and her hands shook. She felt utterly betrayed. She should have known better. Stargrace had tried to warn her. She ducked down an alley, and leaned up against a wall, tears streaming down her face. Suddenly a dark shadow crossed in front of her. Farid.

“Get away from me,” she practically growled. “I do not want to see you.” She tried to control her words but anger seeped through every one.

“Misa, come on now.. she was nothing to me.. we can work this out..” His voice was calm and collected. Power radiated from him. He advanced towards her and a shiver of fear shot through Misako. His eyes flashed violet and she realized that this person was not the Farid she’d met a year ago. The power had claimed him as it’s own, he was someone else. Someone mean. It had to be.

“I..I.. I’m warning you!” she stuttered. “Pplease, leave me alone.” She was afraid now, of this dangerous stranger who crept up closer to her.

“You’ve no idea what you’re talking about,” he scoffed at her. “Silly girl. Forget this, and come back with me.” He reached out his hand and a blue spark danced along it.

“Get back!” Misako screamed, and pulled a small dagger from her boot, it wasn’t that sharp but it would do in a pinch. She brandished it before her with shaky hands. Farid laughed at her.

“What are you going to do with that, hmmm?”

“I warned you.” She hissed. He stepped closer again, and raised his arm. Murmuring under his breath, a gust of wind pushed her back against the wall in the alley, and held her there. She struggled against it but could not move.

“Warned me?” He laughed again, low and menacing. “You’ve no idea what powers you play with, child.”

Again the thought came to her that this was not Farid. That something had happened to him, something had changed. With her mind acting along it’s own violation, she closed her mind from him. She took a step forward. He lunged towards her, and her dagger came down and buried itself in his chest. Directly in his heart. The blue spark faided from Farid’s fingertips and his eyes returned to their normal hue. He sunk to the ground into a muddy puddle, and looked up at Misako with disbelief. He opened his mouth as though to say something, and all that came out was a gurgle of blood.

Misako stepped away from the gruesome sight, and shook herself into awareness. She’d just.. murdered.. someone. The dagger clattered to the street, what had she done. She’d killed Farid. She could never go back to Qeynos now. She’d had blood on her hands. What had she done. The words rolled over and over in her mind, like some nightmare that refused to end.

That was over a year ago now though. The events that took place. That night. Each day she lived in fear that Lucan himself would find her and drag her to the torture chambers to flog her alive for her misdeeds. Then she reminded herself that this was Freeport, not Qeynos, and another dead body in the streets meant nothing. She was sure the guards hadn’t even flinched. She had not bothered to contact her sister or anyone from Qeynos since the incident. She knew she’d marred herself and that no one from Qeynos would dare to speak to her had they known what had happened. So she’d made a life for herself in Freeport, selling her wares as a tailor. It was never much coin but it was enough to get by on. After a year of saving.. she’d purchased her new inn room, and there she was.

2 Responses to How Misako came to Freeport

  1. thunderAB says:

    I would like to hear more of her adventures….. some people have a gift with words and you do… I can see every moment with you.

  2. Kilanna says:

    *sniff* *wipes a tear from her eye* Poor Misako – what a tragic story.

    I am glad she has managed to make herself a life and hope she can make her new house into a lovely home :)

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