Library Renovation, Part I

A collection of teak and ash bookshelves with some lighting create the new library wall

The picture is a little difficult to see above, but that’s the new wall of my library. In the main room of Stargrace’ 5-room house (Located on Antonia Bayle, 4 Bayle Court if anyone wants to visit. It’s the first house on the right hand side as you zone into South Qeynos from Qeynos Harbor). It’s made with ash bookshelves (the smaller ones on the bottom) and then a row of burlap rugs (you can’t see them, but they’re on top of the ash shelves) then pushed back a bit is the row of teak shelves. The rugs create a counter top where I can place items. The shelves are pretty bare I admit, but that will be my project over the next little while, filling them up. I have about 30 or so books shown there so far, maybe a few more, difficult to count due to the size of the picture, probably closer to 40-50 books. There’s also some knick nacks on the shelves, which I’ll be moving as soon as I get the faction to purchse the display cases from the Ironforge Exchange. There’s a ship in a bottle from the Village of Shin access quest located in Thundering Stepps, some roses, the spires replica from aiding in their construction and a few other odds and ends. The larger books are along the top, since they don’t fit very nicely in the actual shelving. Qeynos homes (and freeport as well for that matter) are pretty dark, so there are two lights hanging low over top to give it a little more “poof” if you’ve got lighting on at least.

The problem with completing the book quests I’ve been working on is that so many of them are still dropped from mobs and that’s the only way you can obtain them. I know a great deal have been switched to second editions and do not take up any actual space in your house now, but the ones from Obelisk and a few select ones from Cazic Thul are mob dropped only. Means a level 70 has to mentor down in order to get their hands on it. There are some books in Varsoons that are the same way. I really wish they’d change this and make them body drop starters instead letting the level 70’s have a little bit more fun.

Since I want the main room of Stargrace’ home to have a display / museum feel to it, I moved the easel and piano upstairs, and set up a cobalt table downstairs with her statues of Lucan and Antonia as well as the Idol of Everling. No luck getting a baby dragon yet, I’m not willing to pay the 100p that they’re asking here on AB. Oh well.

So what’s on the schedule for today? Working the Lore and Legend quests that I’ve still got ongoing, as well as working those book quests. It’s raining outside and I absolutely love it. Not really in the mood to craft, or harvest too much.

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