Another alt.. you don’t say!

Standing in front of the memorial in Kelethin, the newest addition to the alt-army

I have, a lot of alts. I admit that right now that I have a small.. obsession? With them. Well, that’s an unfair term for it I just have a lot of free time on my hands and I spend a lot of it in EQII. When people mention that I play a lot, I typically mention, well. How is it any different from me sitting in front of a TV, or doing some other activity? It’s a hobby I enjoy. Anyhow.

I decided yesterday I’d add a fae ranger to the ranks. I’ve never played a ranger before though I do have their counter part, a level 48 assassin. Thus Petites (french for “small”) was created. I created a bruiser a few days ago but it didn’t really seem to stick with me. The ranger however, I had a lot of fun with. I realized that I’ve actually never leveled in the EoF zones before at lower levels. I’d done a few quests to get to level 6 or so and then I typically left for Qeynos or Freeport aligned spots. I’ve never attempted a single quest in Butcherblock aside from the one that gives faction with the Irontoe brigade which is a level 60+ quest. Other then that, my quest journal has remained empty from the entire zone, and I’ve moved to other places. So I figured what the heck. EoF says it offers content from 1-70, lets see if I can level in those zones alone. I’m sure it’s very do-able.

I adore the ranger. I love being able to shoot at things with my bow (Ok, so I twinked her out a bit with some T1 rare crafted gear and weapons and poisons) and snare them and kite them around picking them off with my arrows. The Faydark zones are wide and open, giving me a lot of room to move around in. Hit them with a stun, flip around, use my stealth attack, use another attack that requires back, and then they’re squished. I know I typically say that I enjoy all of my characters, and it’s true. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a new alt though. I realized that all of my other characters are all level 40+ and that makes them a bit.. drab. I really enjoy the lower levels, just exploring and doing smaller quests that don’t require me to have an entire raid force behind me. I realize that a lot of people really want more end game content, and I’m all for that as well. But there’s something to be said for wandering around Antonica killing wolves for a level 10 guild writ, or wandering over to Stormhold and completing the quests for that zone. Ah memories. Lets not forget the three levels to the Qeynos sewers and all the quests one can find inside of there! So much fun.. . . Makes me want to . . . Start another alt!

I had a lot of fun talking to Kilanna in game, it’s always a wonderful reminder on why I play this game when I find like-minded folks out there. I love her enthusiasm for the game and it inspires me what can I say.

I’ve been taking a break from the housing thing lately, working on smaller quests, I did Den today with the defiler and hit level 62 with 71ap, finished off her shaman lines for good. Bought her a few very small upgrades of gear but the rest will have to wait until she hits 68 because there’s simply no point when the majority of the gear is for those levels or higher. She has spiritwalker shoulders sitting in her bank, some nice chain legs, and a breastplate that I farmed for her so far, as well as seven master spells. The rest will come with time (and levels).

2 Responses to Another alt.. you don’t say!

  1. Kilanna says:

    It was indeed very nice to chat with you last night (my time) Stargrace. I really have to say that I have met so many nice people in game, and in particular ever since Kilanna moved to her new guild.

    I have a full account at the moment myself but come the end of the month (next live update) I will have an extra slot for a new alt too yay.

    Even though I guess as players we will have a particular fondness for one or other of our toons – variety is the spice of life so they say :)

  2. Fred says:

    I too love alts. My highest character is a level 31 swashbuckler. I could have 2 or 3 level 70 characters by now if I did not like alts so much. I find the lower level content to be very fun and diverse. However, this might just be because I am more familiar with it.

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