Some simple crafting

After a lot of procrastination, Dasie hits level 70 Jeweler

When I’m floundering about in EQII my typical response is one of three things. I’ll either make an alt, find some house items to quest for, or craft. Last night I decided to do the later of the three. I’d had Dasie sitting at level 69 in her craft for months now, mainly because you don’t get any new books after that level, so there’s no real point aside from the glory of being able to say you’re level 70. I purchased her crafting books, and set off to grind the level away. Actually, after making items for various customers the past few weeks I was already at 80% exp so it wasn’t that far to go. That leaves my crafters as follows:

70 Provisioner, 70 Jeweler, 61 Woodworker, 61 Sage, 51 Alchemist, 42 Tailor, 30 Armorer

Ah yes, that’s right! Today I decided that I’d quickly (nothing is ever done “quickly” in crafting) get the armorer to level 30 and out of that blasted tier forever. Your +progress buttons turn grey at 27 and it’s an annoying struggle to get to 30. But now I have new buttons and everything’s good. Of course now I’m also going to need T4 (level 30-39) crafting supplies. Maybe I’ll manage to find the elusive feysteel cluster (or two!). I’d really like to try to get all my crafters to level 70 in their craft before Kunark comes out and raises that cap to 80. I’m pleased that they’re raising the levels, but at the same time because I have so many characters and crafters, it’s going to be a lot of work to get them anywhere. On the plus side, I’ll also be able to pick and choose who to work up first and who to let slide a little bit. I’m excited about the new content even though it’s still quite some time away.

I’m going to be having a few guest writers on my blog, a friend of mine in game asked if they could write an article for me to post, and of course I jumped at the opportunity. I don’t usually write “news story” type posts, which I know a lot of people out there enjoy reading. What’s going on with whom in the industry and who did what to who and all that good juicy information, it’s just not my style on the blog. I enjoy writing about what I’m doing in game, vent out frustrations, some quest info and that sort of thing. So hopefully the guest writer can freshen things up a little bit, we’ll see how it goes.

2 Responses to Some simple crafting

  1. Kilanna says:

    Grats Stargrace – very nice indeed :)

    I had also thought about trying to get my crafters thru t 7 before the expansion – but given recent events I imagine my attention might be held elsewhere :)

  2. Cordanim says:

    Congrats on the tradeskill levels! That’s a great point about getting as many of the alts to 70 in their TS levels before Kunark :-P Should be fun.

    Love the idea about guest writers – look forward to seeing what they have in store!

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