Spiritwalker boots, and the defiler has all the fun

Mmms piece two of the defiler class set for Misako. Of course, she needs a few more levels

Yesterday was a great day for the defiler and I had not really planned on it. She was at about 60% experience which is still quite far away from a level in T7 I find. She was also at 90% achievement experience, which I knew I could ping off easily enough. I did my typical Mines of Meldrath run, no dagger. No anything in fact, it was a dry boring run. Quick though so it’s alright. She managed to loot some new precious treasure that gives achievement the first time you loot it, and got her 72nd achievement point.

I was going to run her and Stargrace to Fallen Gate and mentor Shadowgeist’ level 25 bruiser (Named Ixxar Bruizer, go figure.. and yes, he is an Iksar) but Cordanim logged on and had a bit of time to play. So we immediately gave up on the Fallen Gate idea and headed to Obelisk of Blight in Lesser Faydark. Cordanim had not been there yet (nor had my 62 defiler) and it would be a chance at class loot. I was a little leery at first. There would only be four of us, and the only healer (myself) was level 62. The group consisted of myself playing Stargrace (70 Illusionist) as well as Misako (62 at the time Defiler), Cordanim (70 Brigand) and Shadowgeist (70 Shadowknight). The run went amazingly well though. No wipes, though Misa did die a few times due to unwanted agro – that is almost expected as a defiler. Their wards pull agro on incoming far too easily. Cordanim got a nice new neck piece, and some upgrades for his fury who finally made it to Antonia Bayle. The class chest dropped at the end and we all held our breath to see if it would be something useful this time. I’d been hoping for the buckler of blight (which did not drop) or even the ring that drops from the end boss, but neither dropped. It was alright though, the defiler class boots dropped, something that Misa will really appreciate in another 6 levels. She managed to not only get level 63, but got another achievement point, hitting 73, and 20% into her level. I splurged and bought her the buckler of blight for when she finally hits level 69. I’m looking for quite a few more set pieces, the forearms at least that drop from Valdoons, I’ve got the shoulders already. Hopefully as time goes on and she gets a bit bigger I can start doing Unrest, and get her hat and breastplate. I don’t imagine I’ll be getting her gloves or legs any time soon, but we’ll see how it goes.

I can’t remember what else I did in game right off the top of my head, but it was certainly a great night for the defiler!

2 Responses to Spiritwalker boots, and the defiler has all the fun

  1. Kilanna says:

    Congrats on all three counts girl – the level, aa and the new shiny for Misako. Seems to me you have a great combination of classes there too with the four of you.

    I am recalling that a couple of times over the weekend Kil’s buffs also drew unwanted aggro and she died but thankfully no wipes :)

  2. Cordanim says:

    Congrats on the dingage, both levels and AAXP :-) That was a fun run – even if we did argue incessantly about the leaves vs. glass shards issue…

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