Making it Manifest, and the quest count rises

Qutey posing in Nettleville Hovel, waiting to speak to the constable

101 quests completed, and the little monk has hit level 15, almost 16. She’s also 98% through her 7th aa, almost hitting 8. I’ve been having an enormous amount of fun with this new character, just doing my own thing and attempting quests that I haven’t seen in a very long time in zones that are pretty much deserted now even with the server being as populated as it is. How many people remember the making it manifest quest in the crows resting place? With the sword of destiny series in game it send you there, the home of Fippy, but the instance itself has been around for quite some time. The quest rewards you with a pretty nice legendary tunic that was actually a slight upgrade from my mastercrafted leather.

I haven’t delved into too many quest zones with her yet, she’s played around some what in Antonica doing a lot of far seas requisitions and some of the easier ones, but a lot are too high yet. I did take her around the Down Below, and did a few quests in there (including the tunic one). Went out last night and watched Shrek3, that was a lot of fun, looking forward to seeing Pirates3 next weekend. The weather is beautiful and days are wonderfully sunny.

Crafting and other characters have pretty much been on hold while I relax and play my monk. I’ve been setting aside all of the coin she’s made from questing and loot in her bank, seperate from the coin she carries around daily. For some reason I want to keep track of how much coin you can make in this game just from simple questing. She’s up to 21g and some change so far, not too shabby for just getting started. Of course she is very nicely geared up but most of what she’s fighting is green anyhow. Qutey also finished the gnoll language and is almost done the lore and legend. Her home got a few more pretties, a pet cage and a few more books. More updates as the day goes on I’m sure!

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