Faydai – Conjuror of Qeynos


Faydai is my gnome necromancer conjuror, currently level 53 she’s not played very often. She’s also my level 62 sage, which is where I get the most use out of her. I liked her better as a necromancer, so I’ll probably betray her back in the future. For now though she resides in the Baubleshire. I’m not sure why I even made a gnome, I think I liked the glasses and the hat she’s wearing. I typically group up with her, she’s done a few quests. Her name used to be Willamina on Najena, and I’ve transfered her a few times now from server to server. I miss role playing with her, she used to be quite.. unique. She’d talk to her undead pet and raise a lot of eyebrows. Again it’s been some time though, so I’ve sort of stuck her on the shelf in the mean time.

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