Qutey’s Money – PartI

When I decided that I was only going to level my character through quest experience, and I’d keep regular combat experience turned off for the duration of my play time, I also decided I’d play a little bit of a money game. I wanted to see exactly how much coin you could make through random drops, quest rewards, and treasured items that would come your way. Now, I realize that it’s a little off key since I did twink the character out, and I did also give her 3p spending funds. But everything she makes on top of that, gets stashed away in her bank. So what are the results so far?

As of today, at level 18 Qutey’s bank holds 1p 50g 78s 1c

None of this is from any masters (she’s not sold any yet) or any crafting, or any rares for crafting. No farming at all. In fact her harvesting is at 0. Now, where does the coin come from? The 1p was really more from luck then anything else. Someone wanted some help creating a guild. Yes, I would have helped for free, but the person offered money from the get-go, 1p to each who helped. Was I wrong for accepting the cash? Not in my opinion, I didn’t force them to pay people to help form the guild, and as I said, I’d have helped even if they were offering nothing. Anyhow, I used two of my characters (they were aware that both were my characters) and helped out, earning a plat for each one who helped. So maybe that 1p shouldn’t even be counted, but well, it was something Qutey earned on her own so to speak, so it’s in the bank.

The other 50g and some change comes from her quest rewards, and random treasured drops from 1-18. She’s gotten quite a few chest items as she’s quested along, and I’ve priced them at a range that means fast sellers, 1g each. Average adepts are going for 2g-4g each – mostly due to tinkering. Treasured items with no stats (there are some attuneable quest rewards like this, they’re no good to wear, but you CAN transmute them) sell for 1g each, junk items that people would never consider actually wearing, all sells for 1g-4g each. Not about to complain at all. The making it manifest quest rewards you with two attuneable leather tunics. One she’s wearing, one she sold for 10g which was a lot of coin for one item. Doing the quest chain from Oakmyst forest from the treants rewarded me with a legendary chest drop, a club that sold for 5g.

So if you take your time, even without any crafting or farming to speak of, you can certainly be well on your way to making coin in this game, even at low levels. This post piqued my interest since I had already started going on about how easy it was to make coin in game before it came out. The people who ramble on about having no coin or how hard it is to make (especially at the end game levels..) have obviously never done the Lesser Faydark quest lines.. you can easily make a 3-4 plat doing those quests alone. A little more if you’re a goodie since the Fae Court won’t talk to those who come from Freeport (Or Neriak I’ll assume). There’s just so many options out there without having to dedicate your life to farming named or running instances. Though that certainly helps. In fact on servers like AB where there is a huge concentration of lower level characters, I’d say the end game players would make more from doing level 20+ quests with attuneable rewards then questing at their actual level.
I’ll update once a week with the coin situation, and see how it goes. For now though even at these low levels, it’s easy to come by.

2 Responses to Qutey’s Money – PartI

  1. stargrace says:

    Oh… gawd.. as you can see, I was distracted by Neriak coming out! Thanks for catching that Kilanna =x You know my characters better then I do…..

  2. Kilanna says:

    *grin* Is this Qutey and not Misako?

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