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Monk Quests

Qutey hit level 18 this morning, and 127 quests completed before I logged out in preparation for the newest GU (game update) today. I find that even with combat experience turned off, she levels quite fast. Not a bad thing, but not exactly a good thing either since I’m trying to complete a number of quests before they turn grey to her. As you can see by the list, she’s really not delved out too far, besides the smaller towns, the sewers and Antonica. There are still a huge number of zones and quests that I’ve skipped along the way already. I’m considering going back for them though, some were just far too frustrating to want to complete.

I do plan on making an evil fae (I know I know that’s not what they’re really called) today. However, I also know there will be a million other people making their evil fae and running around Neriak, so as I’ve stated a few times, I’ll create the character and then play someone else, I’ve got no desire at all to wander around with a bunch of others all trying to kill the same mobs and level at the same time. I’m thinking of moving Misako to Neriak depending on what the city is like and the housing. I do believe that they were supposed to implement a citizenship quest much like the one from Qeynos / Kelethin. I suppose I’ll look into it another time.

Another thing I really like about having my combat experience turned off is that my vitality does not go down at all. So I can quest away and then if at a later time I want to grind off a level, I’ll have the vitality to be able to do that. At level 20 I also have my armor quests, which they’ve downgraded to all be solo quests. I’m looking forward to that as it’s one of the main reasons I made my fae monk. I’ve been collecting “Gi” for my monk to wear. They start with one white one initially, and there is a quest in the Forest Ruins that rewards another white one. I know the level 30 player crafted DFC gear is also a dark red Gi. There’s also the raid set that’s fabled, and very pretty (which I know my little Qutey will never obtain) and a purple set. The armor quests at level 20 is a light yellow if I remember correctly. I really like the look of them (and leather in general) so that’s what I’ll outfit her in. I know it would probably be handier to outfit her in the T3 rare leather armor, but I’ll save that for the slots that AQ’s don’t cover, as well as her weapons.

Only.. 2 more hours of down time to go! *twitches*

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