Stargrace Le’Reveur – Illusionist of Qeynos


Stargrace is my “main”, one of Three four that I play quite frequently. She’s betrayed in the past from illusionist (at about level 10) to coercer, and back to illusionist (at level 70). She’s level 70, 100 aa, 70 provisioner, and my tinkerer. She’s wearing mostly raid gear from both KoS and EoF. She’s completed uh, a number of quests. EQII players is down right now so I can’t check specifics, she hasn’t done too many though. She’s completed the major chains like MoA and uh wait no she hasn’t finished claymore… (ew for casters except for the symbol reward, second last). She’s 100% dps spec’d aa wise, and she can do more then her fair share. Not to mention she’s got all of her spells at master quality except for one (dang you T6 spells!) and I’ve taken a lot of care with the character. She also owns a 5-room house in South Qeynos, 4 bayle court if you’re ever wandering through. I’ve gotten my fair share of compliments on it. Role play wise, she’s the twin sister of Misako, who betrayed to Freeport. Stargrace is the “older” of the two by two minutes, and she tends to hold that over Misako when she can. I love playing the illusionist no matter what the group make up is. She has a lot of utility and can hold her own just fine. At times I contemplate betraying her back to a coercer, but it would take a lot of prodding from a raid guild I wanted to join I think in order for me to actually make the change. I also slacked a lot on this character, she’s barely a year old, she has a whole lot of lore and legend books to complete, and a lot of unfinished heritage quests. I pretty much grinded her to 70 and forgot to take time to smell the flowers along the way. Bad habit.

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  1. Spetsnaz says:

    I’m thinking about going back to EQ2 and LOVE enchanters. Can I email you to ask you some questions? Thanks!

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