First impressions of Neriak

Misako dressed in a role play outfit, sporting her guise of the deceiver, chattering to the Queen

The fact that there are 4 versions of the new starter zone for Arasai up (it’s 9am) and there have been since 1pm yesterday, leaves me little else to believe other then the fact that people are really enjoying their new free content, even if it is just a goth looking fae. I made myself a warlock yesterday and then as I said I’d do, stashed her aside because there are a million little wings all fighting over the same mobs. I did spend a great deal of time wandering around Neriak though with the defiler who quickly made it her new home.

There are a number of smaller quests to complete, there’s the teleporter access quest as well as a quest for a house item from an Arasai close to the outfitters building where the blue flame forge is. There’s the Neriak citizenship quest of course, which starts in the House of the Landlords. You need a sponcer before they’ll let you into the city, and you can obtain one if you run around hailing a few npc and then offing them. Lazy dark elves, what can I say. Use a guard to help you track them down, they’re on a 5 minute timer, so if the guard can’t find them chances are they’ve been killed reciently, keep trying. As I already mentioned yesterday, the moving crates were pure genius. Now I just need to fill Misako’s house with pretties. Stargrace is envious of the 7g a week upkeep that requires no status or guild levels. I’m still under the assumption that it’s going to change.

I was a little sad to see that the instruments didn’t make it in with this update, but I suppose we can’t have it all. There was word of instruments (house items) being added some time ago and there is a stand in Neriak where they’re displayed, with no merchant in sight. Someone else mentioned that these may be player crafted now and not sold at all, but after checking a few carpenters I couldn’t find any sign of them. Oh well, maybe another time.

SO. The monk Qutey is on hold for a little bit until my interest in her piques again. I’d like to work on Misako’s home (as well as stargrace’) and maybe getting a little experience again for Misako. She’s been sitting at 63 for some time now, having lost the little interest I had in her lately with everything else going on.

Yesterday I tried to decide which was worse, the level 10-19 channel filled with stupid questions that were really just things common sense could answer, or the 60-69 drama that ensued shortly afterwards. Guild drama at that. It was actually the first time I’ve heard drama on the AB server to this degree, it happens everywhere but on LDL it was more then just guild drama it was people taking personal attacks at others for RL issues. Kithicor was much the same. Anyhow, more rambling later, for now, it’s time to work on those houses!

2 Responses to First impressions of Neriak

  1. Kilanna says:

    Oh working on houses is just so much fun isn’t it?

    Kilanna now has to pick up her game and start getting some more pretties for her house too:)

    *Sigh* I just spent 2 plat and 7gp per week upkeep on buying Kil her new 3 bedroom place in Qeynos. I want a 5 bedroom house for the same price too hehe.

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