Newest character to the alt-army, Ishbel, a dark elf coercer

I’m not realy keen on the new race, and I did make a warlock (who I have yet to actually play) but after some contemplating I decided that it would be nice to have my choice of illusionist or coercer depending on what I was needed for or what I was in the mood for. So along came Ishbel, a dark elf coercer who lives in Neriak. Home sweet home. There were over 100 people in the starting zone, and it showed. Crowded, and lots of people fighting for mobs. Didn’t bother me too much though I’m used to just being able to selectively ignore the masses that bother me. I love the starter zone of Darklight woods. There are a lot of quests for the new players and my good characters who start in Qeynos are very envious of both Kelethin and Darklight. I got her to level 11 fairly painlessly, with 40quests completed and 3aa under her belt. She bought a simple 1-room inn in Neriak, and paid her respects to the Queen and various others who deserved it.

I was doubly pleased when Kilanna decided to roll an Arasia on AB, and joined my guild. Gave me someone to ramble to and she seems to be having fun with the little warlock. I hope so at least. I have been slightly occupied the last few days with random tid bits of real life that keep interupting me *grins* so things have been quiet game-wise at least. Last night was a horrible night where I ended up spilling liquid onto my G15 LCD keyboard, directly onto the LCD monitor portion in fact, which fried it. Guess if there was ever a sign to call it an early night, that’s it. Bought another one today, I think I’d be lost without this keyboard. I really love it, just the feel of the keys and the lights is enough to make me happy with it.

The guild hit level 13, we’re slowly leveling ourselves along. Since there are only 10 unique accounts in the guild, and I’d say about 5 of those are active to any degree, it’s a slow grind. The top guild status holders are various alts of mine *chuckles*. I’m trying to get us closer to 15 so we can pick out a guild crest for our cloaks. Hopefully it’ll be a design that everyone is happy with since it costs extra to change the heraldry. I finished off the “By hook or by crook” HQ on both Stargrace and Misako, and then decided to finish off the screaming mace that I’d had forever. There are still plenty of HQ that I’ve yet to do but most require some very annoying camps that I don’t have the patience for lately. Had Wrehn make me some furniture for Misako’s new home in Neriak, I’ve put the majority of her furniture in the corner of one room for the time being, inspiration hasn’t hit me quite yet.

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  1. Kilanna says:

    Thanks for the kind welcome to your guild and AB :)

    Nice to meet Shadowgeist and looking forward to meeting some more of the crew.

    And WOAH grats on lvl 25!!

  2. stargrace says:

    Number one, AB is a great server, very friendly, lots of stuff going on especially if you get yourself involved. As someone once told me, if you want for RP to knock at your door, you won’t find it. But start some of your own, and you’ll soon find it everywhere — if — that’s your thing at least. It’s not for everyone.

    Also, well, there’s no large difference between good and evil there are some smaller ones. Quests are some times only offered to one or another. The quests in Neriak for example, evil only (a majority) the quests in Kelethin, same deal opposite faction. I’d suggest you all either start as ALL good, or ALL evil, so that you’re at least all in the same zones and don’t have to run around searching for one another.

    And of course if you need anything else as info, feel free to contact me! Love seeing new people coming to AB and EQII in general.

  3. Paul says:

    Having now devoured all your posts…

    Myself and 2-3 other friends are just starting EQ2 and were looking at AB – what’s the server like, and is there a big difference on whether you go evil or good (we’re split on what we want to play)?

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