Ishbel – 25 and counting

Misako, Ishbel, and Ixxar, happily fishing in Darklight Woods

If you enjoy questing at all then you’re going to love Darklight Woods. There are at least 100 quests within the zone if you include the few that send you to Neriak. I feel sorry for those characters who start out on the island still. Their gear and quests are not nearly as entertaining as the ones in both Kelethin and Darklight Woods. The quest session yesterday was joined by Misako and Ixxar both who mentored the (at the time) level 7 coercer. Ixxar got about 6aa to his name, Misako managed to hit 75 of her own and 85% into her level. I’m in no rush with her lately (what else is new, when an alt has caught my fancy).

I am a bit ashamed at Misako’s clothing choice though, as you can see from the picture the coercer is sporting a nice white and grey/blue dres, the bruiser is decked out in some clothes that at least match, and then there’s poor Misako decked out in bright purple and green with blue tints and bright red oven mitts. Looks fetching doesn’t it? Well, ok not exactly.

I realize that to give players the option to colour their own gear would be a huge endeavor, and then we’d have issues of neon green and yellow outfits around Norrath, but dang, whoever came up with the idea for those pants to tuck INTO the characters shoes.. must be hurt. Badly. Aside from the bad colours and the interesting graphics, I’ve been making a nice amount of coin off of the lowbie adepts and gear that drops. In fact it’s selling very very well. I can make a few plat a day off of selling my little farmed items. Of course my level 25 coercer is still wearing level 1 gear, but well that’s the joys of being able to two box and move your character along at whatever pace you like. I don’t really need the gear on her, she’ll get some new stuff at 30-32, until then the level 1 stuff will suit her just fine. I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on items that she’s just going to out grow in a day or two.

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  1. stargrace says:

    Well thank you Keen! I’ll be looking out for your site and I’ll add it to my links as well. It’s always a pleasure learning about more people in the blog community and those who are enjoying EQII just as much as I am! Safe travels to you and happy gaming!

  2. Keen says:

    Hey Stargrace! Your blog has been a big factor in my decision to renew my Everquest 2 account after 2 years and I can’t thank you enough. I love how you have a similar way of talking about your characters and their daily adventures as I do on my blog. It’s so much fun isn’t it?

    Right now my Ogre Fury and my brother’s Ogre Coercer are level 12 (almost 13!) and we are loving Darklight Woods. We have been away from the game for so long we only remember a few locations around level 30-40 that we exp’d in so we have absolutely no idea where to go once we finish the new Neriak content. Hopefully by following your blog we will know where to go. :D

    I’ve added your blog to my Favorite Blog section and I will definitely be coming back each day to see what latest adventures you’ve been on.

  3. stargrace says:

    Well, unless your oger is from Neriak, they’re wearing a different white robe hehe since this is the new one from doing a bunch of Neriak quests… though now Ishbel is wearing a green one.. which looks.. horrible, lol.

  4. ogrebears says:

    I think my level 20 coercer is still wearing that white robe… Corse she is an ogre.. so it dosn’t look as good on her

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