10 (11) Things you need to know about Neriak

The guild’s been busy, what can I say

I managed to get five more levels today on Ishbel, the coercer, sitting her comfortably at 30. She’s only been to three zones, the Darklight woods, the Wailing Caverns, and Fallen Gate. It leaves a lot of room for some discovery and questing later if I ever feel like it. I took Cordanim’s little Ratonga alt with me to Fallen Gate and we managed to get him three levels as well. It was a fairly quiet day none the less.

I decided to do an in depth look at Neriak, my site’s been getting a lot of hits for various things relating to the zone, and while I’ve been crafting I answer at least the same 10 questions every single day. So here they are:

1. Where can I do the citizenship quest for Neriak? Easy, Clerk V’Nox will start the Neriak Citizenship quest for you, at the house of Landlords. It’s just past The K’Nex Falls, in the Eastern section of the city.

2. Who will take my status items? Step to your nearest guard, and right click them. Then select find NPC. Type in guild status merchant, and they will mark your map with an X, it’s the same building as the guild registrar, in the dock area.

3. Where is the achievement respec NPC? Tria L’Blek will help you respec, she’s by the stables in the Western portion of the city — but again, the guards of Neriak are very helpful. Right click any one of them and do a find NPC for achievement. They’ll lead you in the right direction.

4. Is there a pet store some place in Neriak? Surprisingly enough, yes! Ch’hok Milk’Tokk just east of the House of Landlords will be pleased to sell you all the furry friends you could ever want. You can use a guard to locate them as well.

5. Where is the shinies collector of Neriak?! Phyra Zesmice, is the shiny collections person of Neriak, use a guard, or make your way to the docks, you’ll find them there.

6. Are there portals to TS and Nek in Neriak like there are for Qeynos and Freeport? Yes! You can purchase a ticket from an npc in the Dark Bargainer Hall, it will take you to TS or Nek, the spires though, not the docks. There is also a carpet to get to Sinking Sands located in Darlight Woods, at the fair.

7. Where can I find my class trainer, I’m lost! Again, just find a guard, and do a search for whatever your class is. They’ll point you to the trainers.

8. How can I use the teleport pads? Divton T’Szelyl at the entrance will give you a level 10 quest to use them. Be sure to mentor down for the completion in order to get that AA!

9. Where is the broker? Banker? Crafting stations? Again, use a guard! Anything that an NPC has as a title under their name, you can ask a guard about. For a general idea though, head to The Down Under, caves located in the Eastern section of the Dock Market area.

10. Are there writs offered for the people of Neriak? Yes! There are.. they’re level dependant though.. the level 10 range can find theirs at the Indigo Brotherhood. . . Level 60 seemed to be behind Darklight Palace. If you’re some other level range, just wander around the zone with your map open, you’ll see the orange flashing circle indicating a quest giver.

11. I’m from Neriak, but how do I get my call of Neriak spell and my set recall point spell? Check your spell book using the K key, and under the abilities category. You’re lucky, you’ll have it already if you’re already from Neriak.

As a side note, it’s very handy to get EQII Maps if you have not already. The points of interest marked on the map are priceless, and you’ll know your way around Neriak in no time.

4 Responses to 10 (11) Things you need to know about Neriak

  1. Keen says:

    Great information Stargrace! I was wondering if there was a shiny turn in for Neriak.

  2. ogrebears says:

    w00t a lot of this information is helpful. I know the devs said something about writs for all faction only going to improve you City of Neriak faction and then something ending with the queen, so that sound kind of cool to me.

  3. Kilanna says:

    You go girl – you said you were going to try for 30 – grats and nice one for these Q&A’s :)

  4. Cordanim says:

    Awesome post! Good info and I’ll just add that if you haven’t experienced Neriak yet…get over there…roll a new alt or just go take a look. It’s the best addition yet to the game in my opinion!

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