The Alt-Bandit Strikes Again

Remember that warlock I made when the evil fae first came out? Well today she wanted to play

Restless. That’s how I am in game lately. It comes from a few factors, being bored of all my alts, restless in game with old content, and trying to wiggle around some and figure out what I want to do. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I envy those who have one “main” character, and no alts. I wish I could do that. I’ve tried, but it’s just not my style. So today I piddled around absentmindedly in game and barely did anything for the majority of the time. I did manage to get Tulips a level in her armoring, and damn is that an annoying craft.

I also spent 10p and bought two full sets of cobalt armor. Why? Well, my ranger is sitting at 48, and my dirge at 47, and they’re not going to be those levels forever. Eventually they will hit 52, and need something pretty to wear. So why buy it now? Cobalt armor was selling for 60g a piece. Cobalt clusters were selling fro 95g a piece. That doesn’t include the fee I’d have to pay someone to make it, since my armorer is sitting at uh well level 33. 60g was a great price for me to snag those pieces, especially with the mad influx of evil fae that are going to make their way slowly across all leveling fields. This is in fact the busiest I’ve ever seen Nektulos Forest.

So later on in the evening I brushed off Minxes, my warlock, and decided to delete her. I made her into an inquisitor. Why? I have no idea. I’ve never played one before, and with three T7 healers already, well, it’s not as though I needed another. I brought Goudia to Darklight Woods, she’s my exiled dirge. She has +13,000 with the city of Freeport, but that still leaves Neriak, Kelethin, and Qeynos all disliking her. I figured I’d try to see if the npc of Darklight give out their quests still — and they did.

So I mentored down to level 1, smacked a mob once, and it died instantly. Smacked a few more, got the inquisitor to level 7, and completed all of the lowbie quests on Goudia for some quest credit, then decided I didn’t want Minxes to be an inquisitor after all. So I deleted and remade her back into my origional warlock. Completed all of the level 1-7 quests (again) and managed to get her to level 10 within a relatively short period. I really do love Darklight Woods and all of the quests that can be found there. I really wish Antonica and Commonlands hosted the same sort / quality. Even the gear is far beyond what you can find in any of the “old school” starter zones.

I also managed to get the monk to level 19, and a few more quests under her belt. I was looking on (a site I adore and use to snoop on people!) to figure out where I rated in the “quest scheme” of things. Stargrace (my “main”) is 33rd on most quests for Illusionists. The top few don’t even play any more. There is also a level 26 coercer (or maybe it’s an illusionist, I forget now.. I was checking both) who has 600+ quests under their belt. Wow. Now that’s impressive.

So my day in game was restless but fun none the less. I’m hoping this is just a phase and I’ll settle down as always. In the mean time, between my two accounts that leaves me with the following: 70 fury, 70 templar, 64 defiler, 19 monk, 10 warlock on one account, and 70 illusionist, 53 conjuror, 48 ranger, 47 dirge, 31 coercer, 7 berserker. I have room to make 2 characters on one account, and 1 on the other. Not that I’ve any intentions of making more alts.. yet.

8 Responses to The Alt-Bandit Strikes Again

  1. ogrebears says:

    i’ve got like 1.600 quest under ogrebear. (ranked 2nd for guardian on Kithicor). i made my evil fay a war locks as well

  2. stargrace says:

    I rarely take as nice a screen shot as I can, I wish I did but I play the game on balanced settings since I box, so my screen shots are pretty gross compared to what they could be. Anyhow, to spruce them up the little bit that I can —

    I open them in IrfanView, which is a free program. I resize them down to 600 x whatever the height is so that they fit a little better. Then I click on image -> enhance colours -> and I up the gamma. I find EQII takes the shots quite dark. I adjust the contrast up, and tweak the saturation, then I sharpen the over all image because playing with the gamma washes the images out slightly. That’s it. :) The shots that are in the highest quality are much much nicer.. think I have some on my character pages.

  3. David says:

    You may need Altoholics Anonymous. Just curious, I really like the way your screenshots come out. What kind of procedure(s) do you use (if any) for them?

  4. Keen says:

    You sound a lot like me Stargrace when I played EQ1. I couldn’t find a main and I was an Altoholic. Now that I’m in EQ2 again I’m definitely sticking with just 2 characters. My main Delbert the Brigand and my Frob the Fury for duoing with my brother. I have to catch up to everyone so we can group! :)

  5. stargrace says:

    You typically play different hours then me though. =p In fact everyone does, lol. When you’re on in the evening I’m just settling down for the night and doing quiet stuff. Shadowgeist is typically done for the day and just piddling around until bed, he’s been working nights all week, hehe. I’m sure we’ll get to group up soon though. :)

  6. Fred says:


    I know what you can do in game. You can group with me. I would love to start grouping with you and Shadowgeist.

  7. Akely says:

    I feel your pain! I too suffer from Compulsory Alt Syndrome. Theres the 54 Fure, the 41 Berzerker, the 70 Brigand, the 30 Conjurer and the 20 Warlock …and I want to make a character that starts in Neriak. Sigh…

    The nice part is that I do get to see lots of content.

  8. Kilanna says:

    Grats on all your girls’ levels.

    There is so much to enjoy in this game it is easy to roll heaps of alts :)

    I am sitting here at work daydreaming about what I am going to make in my last available slot.

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