Just like that, things change

Misako, happily squishing people for her Neriak Sponsor

Lots has been going on lately, so you’ll have to forgive my lack of posts. Here’s a general run down though. Number one, I went on those raids the last post mentioned, and the went really well. I died once to a frontal AE that I should have tried to avoid more when the mob turned around, but other then that, no deaths for me. Remember I did HoS and Lyceum, not as easy as labs but not as hard as Deathtoll. I didn’t take agro, and as an illusionist I shouldn’t be, so that was a good sign. The people were friendly, I felt comfortable, conversation was easy. So after the raids were done and I was asked if I wanted to join I said I’d think about it for a bit. Raids are only three nights a week, which I like. I’m not interested in a hard core raid guild, even if I do have the time to devote to it. They’re making progress in EoF, also good.

It didn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that I should at least give them a try. So I decided for the next two weeks at least I’ll raid and get to know The Inquisition and find my way around. What harm could it do, if I don’t enjoy it, I can leave. So I had Arysh (fury), Goudia (troubador) and Stargrace (illusionist) all guilded. So far, no regrets.

Yesterday I leveled my troubador to 50, so she’s two away from using her pretty spells. The guild needs one, and since it’s so easy for me to swap in characters, I offered. They’re still looking for a full time troubador, but it’s not like I mind playing multiple characters right now. When it gets closer to Kunark, I will. I’ll want to settle down to one “main” for the 70-80 grind, and stick with them. For now though, it doesn’t matter to me who I played. Last night I spent the evening helping a smaller dirge in guild level, along with a few others members. They got 6 levels, so I’m pretty sure they were pleased.

The game changes again when you’re in a bigger guild. I’ve been in small solo guilds pretty much since January. I’d gotten used to the quiet. It’s not a bad change, but it does require some adjustment. I do have the rest of my alts in my own guild still so that I can escape the hustle and bustle. Inquisition raids are not mandatory (thank goodness). I’ll just have to take things slow and see how they go.

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