350 Tinkerer.. finally.. and the Town Crier

One of the main reasons I wanted my “main” Stargrace to be a tinkerer, who wouldn’t want feign death

First of all, I forgot to mention this earlier this week, but congratulations to Cordanim and also to Time Sink, for being featured along with this blog in the Town Crier! I meant to write about it when I first saw it but it completely slipped my mind, go figure. The past few nights have been filled with raids, and when they’re not filled with raids, with power leveling people for the new guild I’ve joined. More about that later.

Today was a blissfully quiet day. I got to work on my own tradeskills and I enjoyed doing it. Stargrace had been sitting at 224 tinkering for quite some time. I knew if I could just grind my way through the tier (5) that it would be smooth sailing with T6/T7 since the supplies are so low to purchase. It took a few hours, but I did it. Stargrace is finally a 350 tinkerer. Which lets her use / make a handful of items that I adore. One of them is the feign death machine shown above. It’s better then the shadowknight;s version of feign death, and makes me feel like a necro. I also get a mem-wipe item, handy for raids. I can make a hover device, and the mender bot. Have I mentioned I love tinkering?

There seems to be a new fade with higher end raiding guilds, and I’m not particularly keen on it. Instead of trying to find classes someone needs for a raid, for example a bard. They (the guild, leaders, officers) have members who are already a part of the guild, make those needed classes and set aside their mains, for “the good of the guild”. This does a few things. Number one, it leaves people with a whole lot of alts, and number two it allows a raid to just insert <random class here> out of convenience instead of letting people play what they actually want to play. There’s a few people who stick with the classes that they started with at the beginning of the game, but about 90% of everyone I know has at least one other level 70 alt or high 60’s. They don’t play them in raid guilds because they want to, but because they’re asked to.

I’ve always said that I envy people who only have one “main”. It’s hard to have four level 70’s. It LOOKS fun, but it’s not. It’s hard to do the same quests over and over. To afford masters on each one of them (I’ve been lucky there) and numerous other annoyances. It’s difficult to be asked to play a specific character on a raid and then wish you were playing your other character. Anyhow, rambling here. I’ve been tired this weekend and hopefully tomorrow’s post is a little more coherent and not so drab.

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  1. stargrace says:

    You got my point right on the dot Keen, nice to see I’m making a little sense *grins* Can tell you’ve been down that rout before.

  2. Keen says:

    Your post wasn’t at all incoherent or drab! It actually made perfect sense to me and that’s a toughy! I felt this problem a lot in other MMO’s where I was asked to reroll in order to even JOIN a raiding guild. Talk about ugh! I loved my class so much but wanted to see end-game so I set it aside and power gamed another class. Biggest regret ever.

    This time around I’ve sworn off playing a character for the benefit of others before myself. I’m taking my Brigand to the end-game and he’ll see raids whether its in a guild or a pug. Have to enjoy the game first and foremost or it stops being a game. :)

  3. Shadowraethe says:

    Congratulations on the Town Crier!

    I just wanted to say hi and welcome to The Inquisition! Have not had much chance to catch up with you in game due to being on Euro times (UK blokey living in Spain) but hope I will get more of a chance. I was wondering what you thought of the Raid on Sat in to FTH. Personally I enjoyed it. I know we are no where near the best guild for raiding (only coz it seems some don’t listen to instructions and have trouble carrying them out) but I love the fumbling around. It is just fun for me being with a bunch of people who have fun and (try) to get some stuff done. I just hope you didn’t find it too frustrating.

    Anyhow, to the original point of your blog..alts. i have 2 other 70 alts.. Assassin (Shahlai) and Zerker (Killzum) with many up and comings…my personal fave is my 44 Swashy (Buckleton). I am dreading having to make the decision come Kunark, as like you I have decided to have a main to progress 70 to 80. But I love them all. Shahlai was my first toon on this server followed by Killzum, but Shadow who I started after Killz leveled to 70 much quicker. Oh, i don’t know…I really am dreading the decision. I don’t know who I love to play more!

    OK I have rambled enough. Nice to have you with us, hope you decide to stick around and hope to get some adventuring done with you.

  4. Kilanna says:

    Grats on being featured in Town Crier.

    I also see that there are other benefits to playing alternate classes. If you play a DPS toon mainly, it can give you an appreciation for the complexities of Tanking or Healing for example. I think this then can help you to play your preferred class(es) better.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your raiding fun as you continue to settle in to your new guild.

  5. ogrebears says:

    I used to be the type of person who only played one character ever. But a while my guild was tank heavy so i made an assassin alt. After making that first alt i found out i love play different classes. So i’m currently in the possess of getting my other 5 alts up to 70, before the next expansion.

    I find also that it give me more to do. I could be in a group that just lost it healer that normally would break up, but i can switch to my healer, and we can continue on.

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