How Rude

Some days, I have a huge dislike for people…

So, people who don’t know me very well may think that I am some quiet shy person who never speaks up about anything, and actually the opposite is true. I can be quite temperamental and I speak my mind. Yesterday a guild mate needed some quest updates in Nektulos Forest. I mentored my 70 illusi down to 25, and said I would help out. As they were returning from a quest turn in, one of the mobs they needed was up. They were still some time away, so I mez’d the mob, and cleared the camp for them.

Along comes Ikun, a necromancer. He sees me there with the mob mez’d. He breaks it the first time, and I say in says, if he could not do that I would appreciate it, thinking it was a mistake. Then he breaks it again. And again. And again. I’m mentored to level 25, so the mob is hurting me each time he breaks it. I send a tell, saying I’m just waiting for a guild mate to show up, if he could stop breaking my mez, I’d appreciate it. I get down to about 10% health, and as you can see I also screamed at the guild mate to type /lock so that my mez could not be broken. Problem is (only the guild leader can /lock an encounter when you are engaged, at least in this group set up) the group leader also has to be able to have the actual mob targeted in order to lock an encounter. So I sighed and just let my nukes go and killed it before the group mate reached me, and before I ended up dying.

30 minutes later, I get a tell from Ikun, and it says “why are you harassing my kid”. . . . .

Pardon me? Harassing their kid? I barely said two peeps except to tell them not to break my mez, that I was waiting on a group mate. I didn’t swear (I rarely do) and I didn’t rant at them once I had no choice but to kill the mob. So I patiently explained to this “parent” that I had not harassed anyone, that I had logs and screen shots if they required further proof, and explained that if their kid could not read, or understand that you don’t go around wacking other people’s encounters in this game, that perhaps they should not be playing.

Well, after about 2 minutes into this conversation I realized that I was not talking to any sort of “parent” at all, and it was more then likely some snot nosed kid who decided they’d try to turn the tables on me. How did I come to this conclusion? They wrote very poorly, and you could just tell by the demeanor of their answers. I’m not stupid. I hate people who lie to me. Especially when I had done nothing wrong. They demanded to know why a level 70 was in nektulos forest. I was still mentored to level 25, and stated as much. I also explained I was there helping a guild mate. I didn’t even have to explain, there’s plenty of reasons why a level 70 is in a lower level zone. It rubbed me completely the wrong way, and I told them that I thought they were being exceptionally rude, and I asked for the name of their guild leader. They said welcome to ignore, and that was the end of the conversation.

I rarely have bad encounters with players in EQII. It’s probably one of the reasons I tend to keep to myself though and solo / do my own thing. I realize there’s no such thing as camps as acknowledged by SoE, and that it’s perfectly alright to break someone else’ mez in game while they are in an encounter. However, there are still game ethics, and player maturity, and all that good stuff. Sadly enough, some days it just lacks.

6 Responses to How Rude

  1. ogrebears says:

    wow i have rarely seen that in eq2 either

  2. Kilanna says:

    *sigh* Simple manners and common decency is all it takes.

    I played WoW for a couple of weeks and could not stand that sort of behaviour which is why I have only played a handful of times. I hear you too Fred – I have thankfully not seen too much of that behaviour, and it is the exception rather than the rule.

  3. Keen says:

    Times like this make me wish I was on a pvp server. I had an experience that made me cringe the other day. I broadcasted that I was looking for a group and found one for Stormhold. The group leader told us we were there for experience and it turned out the entire time he was just leading us around to do his quest and then disbanded. He was the tank for the group and so everyone just disbanded and we went our seperate ways.

    There are wackos everywhere it seems. :(

  4. Fred says:

    I have rarely had people problems in EQ2. The EQ2 community is much better than the WoW community.

  5. Langdale says:

    What ever happened to manners? A simple I am sorry to you would have done…

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