Good Halfling Gone Bad

Dasie, playing the part of an inquisitor, all done up as a vampire

I used to be able to say that there was one character I had never betrayed, my very first character on EQII in fact, my templar. However, that’s changed, not a bad thing! I decided I wanted to try an inquisitor for a few reasons. Number one, I really wasn’t playing the templar at all, she’s not needed for raids, and there are plenty around. Not that there aren’t also a lot of inquisitors in around too, but the guild could use an inquisitor some times. I honestly miss playing a healer, I played one pretty much all of my time in EQII until I decided to switch to illusionist for a bit, it’s been about 5 months now since I’ve been playing her.

The betrayal was fast, I had help from Dalthar, a brigand in guild. He snuck into the instance with me and would sneak around completing the quest while Dasie sat around, then I zoned her out, died to an epic, rinse repeat to finish the simple faction quests. She got her +10k with the city of Freeport within the hour, tamed a dog, killed a woman, and ta da. Dasie is a new inquisitor. I had adept3’s and masters set aside for her, so she was all set to go. Then came raid time. I typically play Stargrace on raids, the guild has plenty of healers. Well. Usually. Last night we had a shortage, and I was asked if I’d mind boxing both my healer and my illusionist on the raid. I don’t mind boxing, but boxing on a raid… is hard. Especially if you’re playing a healer — not to mention it was my first day playing an inquisitor.

I was a little leery at the end since we all have to run into Venekors room at the same time, and avoid adds and get back up against a wall. I had to do it with both girls fairly fast or risk wiping the raid, and I did not want to do that. I apologized ahead of time incase I caused a wipe, and uh, well my girl got stuck on the door, and of course, we wiped. Another raider went LD during the run anyhow, so it wasn’t completely my fault, but it was none the less. I felt horrible. So that was the only death of the evening at least. We went at it again, this time I made sure both characters were clear through the doors, backed up against a wall, all that good raid stuff that I’ve been doing for some time now. Kill was flawless, even with the lack of regular players.

Hopefully I’ll be playing the inquisitor more frequently, I had a blast. Granted, I am still learning her spells, and she’s not at 100aa yet, but hey, work in progress. I figure if I don’t like it I will just betray her back to templar in November when the level cap goes up. Do I regret giving up her master spells? She had all of them except one level 70 group reactive, including her T6 rare holy redoubt (a 962hp buff). Not really. I heal fairly well (not to brag, that’s not my point here) with or without the masters. She could *really* use some upgrades, but what’s the point if I’m not going to be playing her seriously. She could also use claymore. Ugh. I’m dreading doing that on a .. 4th… character… *sighs* We’ll see how it goes. Sorry my thoughts are all over today, weather has me a bit scatter brained. Didn’t see Kilanna this morning, hope she had a pleasant night though!

7 Responses to Good Halfling Gone Bad

  1. Borgio says:

    Sounds fun. ive never tried 2 boxing in my life, dont think I ever want to, I find it hard enough to run one character successfully half the time *grin*

    Thats the good thing about this game, you can betray to something different when needed and have a blast all over again!

  2. Dalthar says:

    We started running at the doors at a bad time ;) I expected someone to be caught on them. Besides I told you not to worry anyways =) We know the risks of two boxing when it comes to coordination of movement. I’m just glad you came as the Inq too =) Seeing as I had no healer for my group…hehe

  3. ogrebears says:

    I’ve only betrayed one Charater. Ogrebear from evil to good. Way back when the game started. Only reason i did that was that the guild i wanted to join wanted to be Qeynos only. I remeber having to kill the 6 name gnolls, and 500 gnolls in my early teens… .wasn’t fun.

  4. Alex says:

    Heh, that’s what I did with my Temp… Not the betrayal part, but the AA line. I’m crit 100% of the time with melee, it’s crazy and I am pretty amazed the DPS I get from her while boxing. I’m always looking for the highest DPS weapon I can find for her on the broker.

  5. stargrace says:

    Hehe, well I am spec’d with divine recovery, and crit heals, as well as 5 range to my spells (to avoid EoF aoe’s) and increased my debuffs, since I’m not a dps’ing inquis (though I know they can do some amazing dps) it’s all much more dps then my templar could do in any case *chuckles* I spend 90% of my time frozen for the melee of my grp to go dps lol.

  6. Keen says:

    Well she’s a hot little vampiress isn’t she? *ahem*

    I could never even dare to dream of attempting to 2box a raid. That takes so much attention to detail and overall skill. If you were able to do that then you are a way better player than I am. :) I’m glad you guys were able to kill it even after that wipe. GJ!

  7. Tipa says:

    What’s REALLY fun about an inquisitor is going the Battle Cleric route on the INQ tree and filling the first three items on each of the STR, STA and AGI lines on the cleric tree. You crit on melee 100% of the time, proc on about half your hits, take very little power using your new combat abilities, and you can still heal like gangbusters. Soloing becomes *really fun*…!

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